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In fact, how is Portugal for work, is it easy for foreigners?

Portugal, a country in the European Union’s Schengen group, is smaller than Nepal. The population is also less than half of that of Nepal. Since the year 2015, the population here is decreasing more than increasing.

Not only in Europe but in the world, Portugal is considered to have a liberal immigration policy. Immigrants from South Asian countries including Nepal, African countries as well as Ukraine and Brazil come here with labor to get their cards and passports.

Regardless of compulsion or desire, Portugal has been the center of attraction and destination for Nepalese for the past few years.

Portugal’s main sources of income are tourism and agriculture. Here, the rules are relaxed for the immigrants, and it is also easy and simple for the investors.

You don’t have to have a card or a visa to buy real estate here. After coming here and making a finance number (personal revenue number or tax number), you can buy real estate within 1-2 weeks of coming to Portugal, and you can also do the business you want.

There is a simple rule that you can apply for a passport within 5 years after submitting the normal documents and issuing a temporary residence permit.

But at the moment, Portugal is not as expected. Along with work and room problems, it is difficult to make another one if the Nepali passport expires or is lost.

What you think comes from Nepal, there is a difference between here and there. It is very difficult to get an opportunity in a different geography and a different lifestyle, language and culture.

Lack of work and room

is the Portuguese off-season at the moment. It is difficult to find work in both the fields of agriculture and tourism these days. But immigrants are increasingly entering Portugal from everywhere. On the one hand, there is a problem of not getting a job, on the other hand, it is also difficult to get a room. If you find it somewhere, you have to pay a high price for it.

There is a housing crisis in most of the cities including the capital. The prices of small and big apartments have gone up. At this time, those who came from Nepal with a golden future are really in trouble.

Many visas, destination one Portugal

Some people from Nepal use Denmark visa on student visa. Some enter Europe with work permits in Hungary and Malta. Although visas are different for those who come to participate in seminars or conferences organized in some European countries, the destination of most of them is Portugal.

Recently, Portugal has been the hub of lorry arrivals from Romania, sneaking on foot from Cyprus and sneaking lorry arrivals to the UK on seasonal visas.

Not only Nepalese, but also Bengalis, Indians and hundreds of people from other countries are living in Portugal, some with visas and some hiding. All of them have the same goal – to bring their family by making a card here and to shift to other countries by getting a passport here.

Nepali people from 18 years old to 50 years old can also come and make cards here. There is no qualification, no skill limit for card making here. Whether they are coming here on a work permit or on a visit, or on a visit to another Schengen country, the card is also made here.

Portugal is the final destination for those who come on foot to other European countries on a student visa. Because, even if the earnings here are small, it is easy to become a card.

The problem of creating a Nepali passport

is that more than 6,000 Nepalis in Portugal do not have passports. Some have thrown their passports on the way while coming here and some have expired.

There is no Nepali embassy in Portugal. You cannot get a passport here, you have to go to France or Spain. It’s not that easy either.

More than 6,000 Nepalis are under stress because the Nepalese government only gives assurances to the Nepalis here and does not work.

It is not as expected that

most of the people who come to Europe after paying a lot of money, not only Portugal, but also Nepal, are in the same situation.

Those who came to Croatia after paying 9 million to the agent did not get work and salary as per the contract. They are Bharat from Myagdi or Shiva from Parbat. They came to Croatia after paying more than 900,000 in Nepal to an agent, but they neither got a job as per the contract nor got a place to live there.

After the local agent of Croatia sold the work permit to the Nepalese agent, they came here and got stuck.

Sanjay Bhattarai of Tehrathum came to Poland by paying 12 lakhs. Even though he got a job in a Turkish firm there, even though he worked 12 hours a day, he did not get paid as much as he was told. He came here with a moneylender’s loan and it took him years to pay off the money.

He came to Portugal because he couldn’t bear the torture of police moneylenders, neither food nor accommodation. But here too, without finding work and a place to live, the misery of that place has been repeated.

Any Nepali is getting a visa in Malta now. But whatever thought they came to Malta, nothing happens when they get here. Those who came to Malta by spending 12-15 lakhs are under stress because they are not getting work and accommodation as per the contract. After that they are also forced to come to Portugal.

A Nepali woman has been in jail for the past 4 months on charges of forging documents by a Nepali agent in Malta

Actually, the reality is different from what one thinks of coming from Nepal to Europe. There is no way back after coming. There is no fair.

Let’s do something in the country as much as possible. When we are forced to go abroad without taking any measures, let’s just go after understanding everything.

Not only Portugal but Europe as a whole is not as expected. Don’t jump into spending tens of millions after listening to an agent’s sweet talk.

Understand those who have gone before you. On the Internet, you need to understand what opportunities are available in the country you are going to and what the minimum wage is there.

Currently, in some European countries, there are very few employment opportunities during the winter season. Going to such a country, if you are aware of the work season and opportunities there and the challenges you will face after going there, you will not have much trouble.

Reference: Setopati ,RSS

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