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United Tech Fusion to spark innovation in chitwan

CHITWAN: United Tech Club is set to hold the ‘United Tech Fusion2080’ a national-level event in Bharatpur, Chitwan, in collaboration with the United Technical College.

Following the success of the recent ‘UTech Hackathon Alpha,’ this tech showcase will encompass thrilling competitions like Capture The Flag, Robo Football, and project showcases.

Participants will apply their knowledge acquired from educational institutions in fields like transportation, education, healthcare, tourism, agriculture, rural development, alternative energy, cyber security, risk management, finance, artificial intelligence (AI), and more to create projects solving real-world problems.

Students or groups from any field will showcase their innovations in this competition.

According to Bibek Paudel, President of the United Tech Club, “United Tech Fusion 2080” aims to collaborate with students from various science and technology departments, empowering students, fostering collaboration, and inspiring engineers towards a broader educational and engineering future commitment.

This event will serve as a platform for students and enthusiasts interested in robotics and technology, offering substantial learning opportunities and knowledge enhancement.

The competitions of this program are scheduled to take place at the United Technical College in Bharatpur on December 11th and 12th.

Various organizations, colleges, and tech clubs related to technology and research will participate in this competition. The organizers will select outstanding competitors based on the evaluation by national-level expert judges.

The top performers in the competitions will receive cash prizes along with trophies, medals, and certificates:

Best contestants respectively:
Capture The Flag (CTF)
•First: Rs. 30,000/- cash prize along with trophy, medal and certificate,
•Second: Rs. 20,000/- cash prize along with medal and certificate,
•third : Rs.10,000/- cash prize with medal and certificate,

Project Demonstration
•The best groups get Rs. 15,000 worth of money and various gifts

Robo Football
•Winner: Rs. 20,000/- cash prize along with trophy, medal and certificate,
•Runner Up: Rs. 10,000/- cash prize along with medal and certificate,

To participate in Tech Fusion
Capture The Flag (CTF)
Project Demonstration
Robo Football:

You can register your team in the program you want by clicking on the links above. Each participant will receive a certificate of participation.

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