Finally England and Australia win tiebreaker

England and Australia succeed

Brisbane: England reached the quarter-finals of the Women’s World Cup in Brisbane on Monday. England survived a red card shown to Lauren James. The team finally managed to win the tiebreaker.
It wasn’t difficult for Australia. The co-organizer has also reached the same stage. European champions England will now face either Colombia or Jamaica. The last eight match will be played on Saturday. But it was really difficult for England to get there
Chloe Kelly scored the decisive goal in the tiebreaker in Brisbane. After this, the penalty shootout was 4-2 in england’s favor. The scheduled and extra time of the tense match was missed in a goalless draw. England were stunned by Nigeria in front of 49,461,000 spectators. All the extra time had to be played in a low position of one player. James was sent off the field in the 87th minute after falling on Nigeria’s Mitchell Elozzi.

Coach Sarina Wegmann was able to welcome Keira Walsh, who returned from injury in the match. But at the end of the game, Wegman agreed, “It was a very difficult game. I am proud of the way the players played and moved forward in this game. With the two-time defending champions Usa out of the tournament, England are now the favourites for the title. England’s Georgia Stanway’s first shot in the penalty was out.

However, Dessair Oparanzi and Alogio also failed to score on penalties. In such a situation, nigeria’s first both attacks were meaningless. Since then, Beth England, Rachael Daly and Alex Greenwood have all scored for the winning team. Kelly’s shot then proved decisive. The Manchester City forward, who also scored the winning goal in last year’s European Championship final, said, “It was an unprecedented victory. Even if the challenge came to the fore, we were able to overcome it. ’
She also revealed the secret of her team’s continuous hard practice on penalties. Nigeria, on the other hand, had a brutal result. Nigeria, ranked 40th in the rankings, not only did well in the league stage, but also defeated England. In the first half, Nigeria’s Ashleigh Plumptre hit the post. Incidentally, he was born in England. Uchenna Kanu’s shot also hit the post. The only sad thing is that Nigeria has played four matches in this World Cup, but could not score goals in three of them. That’s against England as well. Nigeria’s American coach Randy Waldrum said, “We had some good opportunities to play the game in our favor, but we could not make use of it. I think we should have won in 90 minutes. There were some good chances, but the shot hit the post. Perhaps we were unlucky. ’

Coach Waldrum did not forget to give credit to England for the win. He considered his opponent to be the best team. England will know about their next opponent on Tuesday. When Colombia will face this time’s surprise team Jamaica in Melbourne.

Australia defeated Denmark 2-0 in front of their 76,000 spectators in sydney. In this, Sam Kerr appeared on the field as a substitute player. Australia’s next opponent will be France or Morocco. Denmark was like a team that forgot to attack throughout the game. The biggest feature of this victory of the home team was the magical striker and real captain Kerr entering the field. This is the first time she has played in the World Cup this time. She entered the field 10 minutes before the end of the match. At that time, the enthusiasm of the home fans was seen.

Caitlyn Furd (pictured) scored the first goal in the 29th minute. She created it as Mary Fowler. 20 minutes before the end of the match, Hailey Rasso added the second goal to put Australia in a safe position.

Chelsea’s Kerr said after the win, “I feel blessed to be able to play again. I’m feeling better now. For the first time in the last three weeks, I will sleep well all night. Again in Australia, the fever of women’s football has increased. ’