Nepse decline for the fourth consecutive day


The stock market index NEPSE fell for the fourth day in a row.

The NEPSE index fell 15.74 points to
close at 2,111 on Tuesday.

As the market continues to decline, the amount of business has also decreased. On the previous day, there was a turnover of 3 billion 300 million rupees, but on this day, the transaction amount has decreased to 2 billion 82 million rupees.

On this day, 259 securities and bonds were traded, 70 of which increased in price, while 172 of them decreased in price.

Even as the market is falling, the share price of Adarsh Lagufinance has seen the highest increase of 10 percent. The number of companies whose prices will increase has improved on Tuesday compared to Monday. The price of only 17 items increased on Monday, but the price of 70 items increased today.

Prime Life and Mankamana Smart Microfinance have seen the most price reductions. The prices of both these companies decreased by 5.21 percent and 4.97 percent respectively.

On this day, Reddy Power has the highest share turnover of 192 million rupees. On this day, except for the hydropower group, all group indices have decreased.

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