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Tanahun-1, Swarnim Wagle of Rastriya Swotantra Party won with a huge margin

Tanahun – Swarnim Wagle, the candidate of the Rastriya Swotantra Party, has won in Tanahun-1 in the House of Representatives by-election with a huge margin. He won by getting about 15,000 more votes than his nearest rival Congress candidate Govind Bhattarai.

tanahu by election swodim wagle won the election
tanahu by election swodim wagle won the election

While Wagle got 34 thousand 918 votes, Bhattarai got 20 thousand 122 votes. Similarly, UML candidate Sarbendra Khanal, who is in the third position, has received 8,488 votes. The Chief Election Office is yet to formally announce the results.

Wagle has won more votes than the winning candidate on November 4. Wagle, who secured victory without the final results, has secured more votes than the previously elected Congress candidate Ramchandra Paudel. By-elections were held in Tanahun-1 after Poudel, the winning candidate in the elections held on November 4, was elected as the President.

Poudel won by getting 25 thousand 361 votes. His closest competitor, UML candidate Ek Bahadur Ranamar, got 19 thousand 981 votes. Similarly, while Govindraj Joshi, who is in the third position, got 6,886 votes, Vikash Sigdel of the Rashtriya Swatantra Party got 6,444 votes. Likewise, RPP candidate Vinod Kumar Gharti got 2,484 votes.

This time, even though there was no candidate from the Govindaraj Joshi group, Wagle got more votes. Congress and UML could not save the votes they got in the last election. In the same way, RPP, which got more than 2,000 votes, could not get even 300 votes this time. Wagle has got comparatively more votes from UML than Congress.

Economist Swarnim Wagle, who is seen as the future finance minister within the Congress, had announced his separation from the Congress on March 16, which has a family legacy of ‘three generations’. Wagle left the Congress with the intention of becoming a candidate from the RSVP in the by-elections. Ravi Lamichhane, president of RSP, also introduced Wagle as the future finance minister during the election campaign. Wagle himself had been saying that if he won as an MP, he would unify politics and strengthen the economy.


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