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facebook Meta implementing the new policy on its platform to not showing other place news in canada

On Tuesday, social media has officially announced that the news will be available on the own platform in Canada.
The company, which owns Facebook and Instagram, is expected to take steps to pass Bill C-18 in the June government, which is owned by Facebook and Instagram, within weeks of implementing the new policy on its platform.

The law requires Google and Meta Zinc Thula tech giants to pay for the news content shared by them at media outlets or else reuse them on the platform.

“To provide clarity to the millions of businesses and businesses that have used our platform, we announce today that we are in the process of permanently ending news availability in Canada,” said Rachel Koran, Head of Public Policy at Canada.

The company is preparing to enact the C-18 law. It is now expanding wide.

Canadians can now use or post news content on Facebook or Instagram. News outlets, including international ones, have blocked their content on the platform.

The company expects the changes to be implemented within a week of the implementation of the platform.

“In the future, we hope that the Government of Canada will consider a policy response to the principle of free and open internet, recognizing the value we have provided to the news industry first,” the Koran said.

The tech giants have looted a small portion of the advertising dollar, and news outlets have traditionally relied on the government, arguing that the government introduced legislation.

Last month, the federal government suspended ads on Facebook and Instagram in response to a statement that Metal had permanently ended news availability.

With royal assent in June, the C-18 can be implemented. Canada’s estate department is preparing a draft of the rules to implement the law.

Newly appointed Estates Minister Pascal Saint-Onge said Metal had refused to participate in the regulatory process.

“This is irresponsible,” he said in a release. “They are not allowed to give their users a fair share of the news agency from reaching out to speculative and local news. ”

The st-onge government suggested that the government should “stand by the government” and other countries should consider the draft law.

The Minister of Sports speaks during the question period in the House.
Estate Minister Paskel Saint-Onge said the government was “standing still” despite the government’s intention to end the news availability on the platform. (Justin Tang/Canadian Press)
Conservatory leader Pierre Poylibhré put the Liberal government on the job.

“It’s nineteen eighty-four,” he said. “How can you imagine that the federal government in Canada has passed a law to effectively ban the use of news?”

News content is available online on the platform of the publishers.

Martin Champox, a property critic of Blake Quebeco, accused the Metalai law of trying to intimidate parliament.

“This condemnable decision will be of great benefit. In fact, I am a social media user who is deprived of news,” Champox said in a release in France.

Bill C-18 is based on the same law in Australia, which was the first in the country to require digital companies to pay for the use of news content.

In the meantime, Facebook and China have temporarily banned the sharing of news stories on the Australian African platform. The Australian government and tech company have reached an agreement to end the strike and lift the news ban.

Former Estates Minister Pablo Rodriguez said in the past that the liberal government could reach an agreement with Metasang to allow the company to be available on the platform and follow the rules of the C-18.

In June, the Qur’an said that Australia’s law was different, but the company was allowed to enter into private agreements with publishers outside the framework of the rules. The C-18, they said.

As news agencies can see the financial benefits under C-18 of CBC, it is necessary to provide an annual report of compensation to the news received by the CBC’s digital operator.


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