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Viral Eye flu disease , What is the cause ?

Eye disease

The number of patients is increasing day by day in search of eye treatment in Veer Hospital. However, due to this problem, Biramiharu has come to the remote and eastern districts of the east and told that it has been almost a month since the hospital’s ophthalmologist Dr. Shankar Thakur.

“We are often a child and a child. So this problem is definitely for the group of people. It is important to pay attention to the spread of this outbreak and control it,” said Dr. Thakur.

The details of the problem spread not only in kathmandu’s hospital but also across the country have been made public. The reason for this problem is that the teaching in various local schools has come to a standstill, and in some places the hospital has been closed.

According to Dr. Ranju Kharel Sitaula, Associate Professor, Department of Eye School, Tri-Shikshan Hospital, about 50 to 55 percent of the eye diseases are seen in the concerned department.

He has answered any question of the BBC about this problem.

What are the symptoms? 

The problem of eye sight spreads almost every year in Nepal. This year, the disease has started to appear on the terai bhegabat. In the meantime, there are many different districts of the country and there is a search for treatment for diseases.

There is a problem in seeing the cause of infection of adenovirus. As a result, the membrane of the eye is covered on the surface of the eye. This problem is known as conjunctivitis in medical language and in common language.

What is the active condition of this virus?

Conjunctivitis is caused by viruses (bacteria) or bacteria (microscopic germs). Bacterial conjunctivitis is active in the external body. Viral conjunctivitis is particularly active in the summer months or when the summer season starts.

As the outbreak begins in the lowlands or summer places, the virus is seen to be active in the summer.

However, bacterial conjunctivitis is more likely to affect the infected person than viral conjunctivitis.

This is more contagious than conjunctivitis. It spreads rapidly through the eyes of arcoma or a man. For example, coronavirus is infected with the virus.

Look at the adeno virus, the virus is very contagious. So as it spreads, it is not possible to recover or destroy nature. This is the development of antibodies.

What are the symptoms?
The eyes of the eye are wide open when the adeno virus is infected. His eyes widened with tears and tears.

My eyes were wide open at night. My eyes were numb. I got up and cried. Just look at the eyes, the problem is in the eyes.

However, the effect of this virus can be limited to the eyes. This has the effect of the symptoms of flu in other parts of the body. Some people have seen problems with the throat, fever, and hearing in the front of the ear.

What did you see?

Some eyes are in the eye of the eyes. Tears welled up and tears welled up. Some people can open their eyes or open their eyes.

Viral conjunctivitis is not just a disease but it has long-term effects. So, if the virus has a high immunity, then the immune system of the infected person is weak, it affects the eyes and not just the membranes on the surface. If ‘cornea’ has an effect, it can be flowered. If the eyesight of the person is weak, then the eyesight is weak.

Is it advisable to go to the hospital or is home treatment adequate?
The life cycle of adeno virus is usually three to four days. That’s why you can stay at home. It is necessary to understand this because we have to go to the hospital.

Pay attention to the individual (especially the eyes) of the infected. Two to three times a day, clean your eyes with clean water. Eat diet food. Home remedies are to apply antibiotics to the common skin in the eyes of the eyes at night.

So, after three to four days, the problem will be reduced for a maximum of five days. If you are pregnant, you should immediately get a test done to identify other complications as per the doctor’s advice.Proper treatment should be done. If you do well every week, the risk of touching your eyes increases

How become safe?

The disease is caused by the disease in the eyes. So the infected person has tears in his eyes.

Therefore, tears of the patient are all very important. After that, wash your hands with soapy water after leaving every infected eye. It is necessary to keep the use of the stream, handkerchief, etc.

We need to be cautious about the spread of the virus. It is challenging to take care of the elderly and children. The primary solution is to remove all the hands, nose, eyes and mouth.

How much should a child have typhoid face? What are the goals of this problem?

Glasses are not protected?

Most of the service members who came to the hospital were wearing black glasses. However, the black glasses are not infected.

There is a difference between the two things: the first eye is the eye at night, the external infection or contact is connected, and the second is the effect of the eyes.

In order to reduce the immunity of the disease, the elderly and children need to take special protection from the skin.

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