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Farmers of ‘dragon fruit’ are disappointed at not getting a fair price

18 Sharwan, Jhapa. Farmers who are cultivating ‘dragon fruit’ are disappointed at not getting a fair price after seeing the prices of the flowers on YouTube and the high prices in the market.

“If you look at the social network, you can get confused,” said Bhupendra Thapa, who has cultivated dragon fruit on nine bighas of land in Gauriganj Municipality-2. There is no shortage of produce in the market. ’

He has fired 40,000 dragon fruit boats in 10,000 cement pillars. In the last two years, the plant has grown a lot of fruit in the boat. At the same time, the price of the rupee has increased to Rs 3 per kg.

He told them to start farming on YouTube when they heard that the dragon fruit was sold in sweets, poushes and expensive fruits. He said that the sale of rs 1,000 per kg in the market was widely reported.

Thapa has established Sumeru Agricultural Farm Pvt. Ltd. for commercial cultivation of dragon fruit. Last year, he had a fruit plant in the farm. This is the first time that such a thing has happened.

He said that the market of Damak, Virtamod, Gauriganj, Itahari and Dharanka has increased by Rs 5 per kg. As a result, the risk of drowning in dragon farming has increased due to the loss of rs. 200 per kg.

Krishna Pokharel, the director of Brahmakamal Bagancha agricultural farm in Buddhashanti Municipality-1, said that dragon fruits are being sold at half the lower price than last year. He has cultivated 10 acres of land. He told them that the prices of the cement pillar s and the price of the tyres were also increased.

The workers who are not sure of the market and the price of the goods are high, but they tell the farmers that the farmers are frustrated with the cultivation of dragons. The fruit comments started on 15th shrawan, so that the last fruit is ripe and the last fruit is ripe for the first time in the high season.

Last year, they sold the farm at a minimum of Rs. 10,000 per kg. They are looking for ways to increase the sale of the picture poster of the dragon fruit cooked at night on social media.

Agriculture Knowledge Centre jhapa has been given subsidy as an incentive to the farmers for cultivation of dragon fruit. Last year, a grant of Rs. 7 lakh was received for the construction of pillars at Sumeru Agricultural Farm. The farmers have also received the grant.

Bhupendra Thapa, the operator of Sumeru Agricultural Farm, said that last year he sold dragon fruits worth Rs. 12 lakh. He attributed the fall in prices to the fall in production this year.

On the occasion of Agriculture Knowledge Center Jhapa, Chief Chetraj Bhandari said that dragon fruit has been commercially cultivated on 60 hectares of land in the district. According to him, in the financial year 2078-79, 180 metric tonnes of dragon fruit was produced on 15 hectares of cultivation.

In the financial year 2078-79, 50 hectares of land was expanded. Jasbat farmers produced 5.68 metric tonnes of fruits. In the last financial year 2079-80, the agricultural area has expanded to 60 hectares and the production was 85 metric tonnes.

Due to price volatility, the farmer’s interest in the cultivation of dragon fruit has increased. The districts are Gauradah, Damak, Bhadrapur, Mechinagar, Arjundhara municipality and Gauriganj, Buddhashanti, Kamal and Jhapa villages.


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