The reason for Ravi Lamichhane’s resignation could indicate a defeat for the RSP in the 2084 elections

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Kathmandu. How selfish are people? A prime example of this is Ravi Lamichhane. We have already seen that the Chairman of Rastriya Swatantra Party and Home Minister for 32 days, he does whatever it takes to reach his position.

The Supreme Court ruled that he did not have Nepali citizenship and revoked his position as a Member of Parliament. With that he lost all his positions. Having lost the post of Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister and Party Chairman, he applied to the District Administration Office, Kathmandu to get a new citizenship.

Even with citizenship. Then he started parking the Home Minister with Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’. Prachanda had taken a stand to give other ministries but not the house. He met with Prachanda many times, he kept demanding the Home Minister.

However, Prachanda did not show interest in this. It would have been better if he had taken other ministries, but Lamichhane did not agree. Forcefully recalled those who became ministers from their party. Although they did not want to, they resigned and left.

That’s where the controversy started in the party. Some people said that they should not leave the government, they should stay in the government and work for the benefit of the people and the nation. They barely got an opportunity, which was taken away by the party president.

Lamichhane, who stayed outside the government and raised his voice for the people and the nation, went to the government. He was most eager to join the government. When he did not find a home, he fired everyone. From there Lamichhane came to the public in its true form.

His party’s MP Swarnim Wagle said a few days ago, “The economic situation of the country has become a disaster.” It has become a situation where the Nepali army cannot be maintained.

He raised in the House that the army was not able to work and the neighbors were not able to bring back the land that had been destroyed. His statement made it clear that the army should be cut. The Nepalese army has been failing for a long time. Whether it was the Darbar Massacre or the Maoist People’s War Army, it was seen as a failure.

The army could not even bring back our land that was destroyed by the neighboring country. The neighbor is guarding the border by erecting barracks. However, the barracks of the Nepali army are in all the headquarters.

They stay in the barracks all day, eat meat and rice. They spend their days moving around. Training is said, but training should be done for the case? Neither the Nepali army can fight with the army of other countries. Nor can he go to the border and bring back his land. For years, the army has been putting a knife in the eyes of the people and the nation.

Even in public works, the army does not seem to be leading. Army has not done any work like road repair, sanitation, bridge construction etc. The state has to allocate billions of rupees monthly for army salaries, food and service facilities.

Why invest so much in unproductive areas? Until today no one dared to speak against the army. Economist Wagle raised this point. Looking at the current situation and the work of the army, cuts are the best solution.

If the Ministry of Defense sends troops to the border, everyone will leave their jobs. Do not have the courage to work. After Wagle raised the issue about the army, a debate has started among the people. Even the people have started saying that they should not keep the army.

Lamichhane cut what Wagle raised. He has claimed that the honorable members of his party did not raise the issue of army reduction. He did that when the people also said that what Wagle raised was right. He is afraid that party members will come above him.

In the last by-elections too, Lamichhane exercised his will. Some of them were of the opinion that he should not be brought to the party because he had attached property while he was in the police. There was also a demand that he should not be given a ticket.

The party members asked Madhesha to be a candidate saying that he would not win even if he gave a ticket. Lamichhane brought him to the party and gave him tickets. In the end, people did not believe. He had to suffer a heavy defeat in the election.

It also came out that Lamichhane and his wife Nikita Poudel made many people ‘homeless’ by opening a cooperative. After this thing came out, common people are opposing him.

On the other hand, the leaders-activists have started raising questions saying that the party has been discredited because of him. Common people say that he has billions of assets. A famous journalist, he has done a lot of corruption even when he was in the media. He has bought a house in Ward No. 12 of Bharatpur Metropolitan City and he has a grand palace in Tokha, Kathmandu.

Not only that, there are many places where there is real estate. Where did this wealth come from? He talked directly with the businessmen as ‘Sidha Kura Janata Sang’. By selling the name of the people, he acquired the property.

It is clear that he accumulated so much wealth by tricking the businessmen. What he did not do was that his corruption would come out and he would be in trouble. He forced his friend to commit suicide. Journalist Shaligram Pudasaini committed suicide after reaching Chitwan.

Before he died, he even made a video and opened the poll of Lamichhane. He said at that time that Lamichhane’s “showing and chewing” teeth are separate, and citizenship is also two. However, no one believed. Now it has been proven true.

He informed that he had earned billions of rupees through corruption during his stay at News 24. That is also correct. People who should have been in jail got out of jail under the guise of access and money. Such a person has reached the House.

The people of Chitwan Constituency No. 2 won him again and again. American citizens added financial burden to the state coffers. The people of Chitwan sent to the House what to do and what not to do. Now, his ability has become ‘milk of milk and water of water’ in front of everyone the people ability to speak up. He must have understood by now that it will be like shouting at others while sitting on television. It is also shameful to see the role of the parliamentarians of RSP.

What is happening in the country? They don’t know what to say. The debate has already started that they should not vote for him in the 2084 election. How long will it take for those who come into politics by reprimanding others to become history? Mahesh Basnet’s politics is over.

Now it’s Gagan Thapa and Ravi Lamichhane’s turn. They cannot win elections again. As much as they fished in the murky water, they killed. Can’t kill anymore. Yesterday everyone thought Lamichhane was a good person.

Now his work is opening. Who is Lamichhane? What kind of person are you? People are barely understanding. It seems that the party will break up because of the Chairman Lamichhane. Lamichhane UML has walked as President Oli’s bag.

He did not have any theory, he carried Oli’s bag and walked away. It has become clear that the new party will not do anything. People have got the impression that everyone has come to earn money. The economic condition of the country has become a disaster.

In such a situation, if the MPs of RSP could not give up their salaries and government vehicles, what else would they do? It is only necessary to say that the House has moved. Lamichhane’s struggle of what not to do was seen in two days.

People also knew that he would not have the ability to work. After seeing zero in the 2084 election, he has started fooling Mayor Balendra Shah and Harak Sampang.

Reference : onlinedainik