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Do you do graphic design? Sell Here

Graphics designing is a field with good potential. Especially the demand for pictures and designs prepared by different software is high in the physical and virtual market.

People who have skills related to graphics designing can earn good income from various platforms. Today we are discussing about different platforms. Although you have knowledge about graphics designing, you may be trying to walk away from this profession because you are not able to find a good platform.

Recently, there are many platforms for selling graphics designing work on the internet, so you can earn good income through these platforms. You can earn according to your art by using the platforms mentioned below.



Redbubble is a marketplace where you can upload your designs or graphics. Through this platform, various products containing your design can be sold. You don’t have to worry about anything else. You get paid based on the sales of the products that contain the designs you upload.

This platform allows you to sell various products that contain your design. In particular, products that can be sold by printing designs (clothes, phone covers, dishes, etc.) are put up for sale on the platform. You don’t have to pay any fee once you place your design on the platform.

According to your design demand, the platform provides you with funds.


Sale on stock website

Another suitable platform to earn money by selling graphic design is stock websites. From these platforms you can sell your designs to other designers.

You can sell stock designs on ADB Stock . Where you can get 33 percent royalty on gross sales. Similarly, 15 to 45 percent royalty can be obtained through Getty Images . Similarly, designs, assists or vector images can be sold through the Shutterstock website.

Sell ​​from your own website

You can also sell your graphic designs from your own website. Especially if the designs can be put up for sale directly from the website, then income can be earned through advertising by providing them for free.

You can provide greetings posters, design of election campaign materials etc. required for any festival. You can earn income by monetizing the website.

Due to the high demand for different types of designs, you can bring a good number of visitors to your website. Through which you can earn a good income yourself.

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