Senior Actors’ Reactions About Prem Geet 3 watch video

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    Kathmandu Senior actor Sunil Thapa said that the films of many producers will now become international. He said that Prem Geet has created this atmosphere. In the future, Nepali movies will also be exhibited in the world

    Bhuwan kc /shiva shrestha
    Sunil thapa

    Senior actor Thapa said that he endured a lot of hardships during the monsoon while shooting the movie. He shared the experience that everyone enjoyed the shoot. He said that Nepali movies should be in Nepali mind.

    He also requested to watch the movie in Nepali language as there was talk of watching a love song dubbed in Hindi.

    Film Development Board Chairman Bhuvan KC has said that the art and culture of Nepal cannot be developed until Nepali films reach the international level.

    He said this while speaking at a program organized by the Film Development Board to congratulate and wish the Nepali movie Prem Geet 3 on Sunday.

    President KC also promised that the Nepal Film Development Board will do as much work as possible to bring the film to worldwide screening.

    He said that Nepali language movies are given first priority in Nepali cinema halls. He claimed that Nepali films will not be safe until the producers of Nepali films can protect their investment.

    Chairman KC has started work in the area of policy making for the management of movies and claimed that the policy will be made soon.

    He said that after making a policy for film management, the confidence of film workers will increase towards Nepali cinema.

    President KC recalled that he sweated in the streets of Mumbai to make Nepali cinema better. He said that the news that Prem Geet will be played all over the world is bigger than the festival for the filmmakers.

    In the event, senior actor Shiv Shrestha demanded that the government exempt the movie Prem Geet 3 from tax. He said that the nation should also give some support to the movie that introduces the nation. He will respect the artist

    He said that when he reached Manang and shot Prem Geet 3, the production team paid attention to the actors like parents.

    Nepali movie Prem Geet 3 will be screened simultaneously in Nepal and India on Ashoj 7. Also, the production side has said that the film will be screened in China as well.

    Actors Pradeep Khadka, Krishna Gurung, Shiv Shrestha, Manish Raut, Sunil Thapa, Lakshmi Bardeva and others are in the lead role in the movie.

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