First time ‘The Safe Nepal ‘reality show will be conducting in Nepal , What’s it and how to apply for this ?

    First time ‘The Safe Nepal ‘reality show will be conducting in Nepal , What’s it and how to apply for this ? read more

    Nepal’s First Food Reality TV Show

    For the first time in Nepal, a reality show on the art of cooking ‘Safe Nepal’ is going to be conducted.

    Producer Dharmaraj Pandey informed that a reality show related to cooking is being launched for the promotion of Nepali food and development of the art of cooking.

    He said, “This campaign is aimed at creating a platform for the promotion of Nepali food.” We have Nepali food and media, I am going to work as a bridge. ‘

    Presented by Dharma Pictures, SAFE Nepal will be directed by Simos Sunar. Actress Priyanka Karki will be the celebrity judge in SAFE Nepal reality show.

    The construction side is confident that the show, which is being constructed as a new show in Nepal, will encourage connoisseurs of Nepali food and those who are interested in this field as well as help in the promotion of Nepali food.

    The show, which will be operational from July, will cost around Rs 40 million. The program will be produced from the first week of July and the program will be broadcast from the last year . The winner will be awarded Rs 2.5 million and a certificate of Safe Nepal.

    ‘There is a lot of study and competition about Nepali food. There are shows like BBC Master Safe in the international market. This is the method of Master Safe, as it is more expensive to bring Master Safe, we have tried to make it an original brand of Nepal, ‘said producer Pandey.

    The pre-audition round of the competition is currently underway. Contestants will be able to participate online.

    Unprofessional people can also participate in the show which has been officially announced. Housewives, people who like to cook and those who have studied hotel management will be able to participate. 100 people will be selected from the online application. They will have to show their art in a live audition in front of the judges.

    After the selection of 30, 15 of them will be selected for the elimination round from the cooking competition. After the start of the elimination round, one out of 15 will be eliminated and the top three will be selected and Safe Nepal will be declared the winner, according to the organizers.

    The judges of the program are Priyanka Karki, SAF duo Ganesh Dhakal and Lamman Prasad Bhandari. In addition to the three judges in each episode, the other two guests will be a celebrity and a safe. Pandey said that the chefs will also get an opportunity to show their cooking during the program.

    Show Boardcasting on Himalayan Television.

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