I speak out against religion, not against abuse. – Miruna Magar

    Kathmandu. Actress Miruna Magar has said that she has raised her voice against religion and not against abuse.

    Kabaddi-4 actress Miruna had come into controversy after she lodged a complaint with the police alleging that viewer Phurpa Tamang had treated her badly.

    Buddhists were outraged after Miruna lodged a complaint with the police apologizing for Tamang’s misconduct. Tamang has admitted that he made a mistake and apologized.

    Despite the reconciliation between them, various comments are being made on social media regarding religion. Explaining the same issue, the heroine Magar said that she has raised her voice against abuse and not against religion.

    She has urged the general public to fight against injustice and violence. “I am not accusing anyone of any religion, I am speaking out against abuse, I urge no one to tolerate injustice,” she said.

    It is difficult to fight against injustice now. Miruna is confident that change will come tomorrow. “Time is not wrong to do any good deed,” she wrote.

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