The Durbar massacre became a mystery without a history. Explanation

    On May 1, 2001, 10 members of the royal family were assassinated in what became known as the Durbar Massacre. The Nepali people heard it as the most dramatic and unimaginable event in modern history .

    Scene of a man being killed in a massacre

    After Yuvaraj Dipendra shot King Birendra, Rani Aishwarya, Adhiraj Kumari Shruti, Nirajan Vir Bikram Shah, Kaka Dhirendra Shah, Kaki Shanti, Yuvaraj Dipendra shot himself. The next day, Yuvaraj Dipendra, who was said to be seriously injured in the hospital, was proclaimed king and his uncle Adhiraj Kumar Gyanendra was given the viceroyalty. Mass funeral of all members of the royal family was held. Everything was getting worse and worse. The Nepali people were losing faith in political parties and their leaders. Some of the Nepali people had already felt disillusioned with the entire multi-party system.

    The Maoists’ threats and pressure were mounting and the Nepali people could not trust the politicians and the government. But despite all this, there was someone whom the Nepali people could trust, there was someone whom the Nepali people could consider their own.

    Because of his bright smile and good personality, the Nepali people had faith in him and his family. The Nepali people considered him as a father who lost all his rights when the Nepali people demanded and gave them to the Nepali people. In the last decade, he was the most popular among the Nepali people.

    Some have already said that only he can save our country from destruction. Now that he has left the Nepali people, the Nepali people did not know what the Nepali people would do. The Nepali people were shocked, saddened and deeply saddened. Let the Nepali people lead our sentiments wherever possible

    On June 4, King Dipendra’s death was formally announced and Gyanendra was declared the new king. While the conspiracy theory is gaining strength, some of the Nepali people are still ready to accept this bitter truth.

    The new king ordered the formation of a high-level inquiry committee comprising Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Keshav Prasad Upadhyay and Speaker Taranath Ranabhat to investigate the incident. A week later, the committee presented a report to the king, which was made public. The report concluded that Yuvaraj Dipendra, who was intoxicated with drugs and alcohol, was guilty in the incident.

    The new king ascended the throne for the second time in a traditional but solemn ceremony. When Tribhuvan took refuge in India as a final step in a movement to overthrow the Rana rule that had ruled Nepal for a century, he ascended the throne after a similar ceremony.

    From the very beginning, King Gyanendra had made it clear that he was different from his brother, the late King Birendra, and had been publicly stating that he would not sit idly by and watch the plight of the Nepali people. This was a sign that the king was politically active.

    Names of those killed in the massacre:

    1. King Birendra
    2. Queen Aishwarya
    3. Prince Nirajan
    4. princess Shruti
    5. King Dipendra
    6. Prince Dhirendra (King Virendra’s brother)
    7. Princess Jayanti ‌ (King Birendra’s sister – not his own)
    8. Princess Shanti (sister of King Birendra)
    9. Princess Sharda (sister of King Birendra)
    10. Kumar Khadga (Princess Sharda’s husband)

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