Smoking at a distance of 15 kilometers per second in the world! Bad effect

    Smoking is not only considered harmful from the point of view of health, the society does not even look at the person who smokes so well. In spite of this, the industrialists and traders of cigarettes and tobacco products They are also distinguished and powerful in the society.

    It is said that there is no other thing in the world that is as deadly as turning tobacco products into cigarettes. Cigarette smoke takes people up to the lungs. As a result, millions are losing their lives every year.

    One cigarette contains more than 600 harmful substances

    There are various types of cigarettes and smoking products available in the market today. Companies are vying for cigarettes that come in different flavors and colors. The more light you smoke, the more it harms your health. That is, the lungs are damaged. The government and scientists are equally to blame for the production and sale of smoking products.

    Before the development of machinery in the world, a person used to make about 200 cigarettes a day, but now with the help of modern equipment, 20,000 cigarettes are produced in a minute. It contains about 600 harmful substances, such as cyanide, radioactive isotopes, and ammonia.

    The government is making smoking an epidemic.

    The government is guilty of giving permission and license to the company to produce deadly products like tobacco and cigarettes. The government is turning cigarettes into an epidemic. Every year 8 million people lose their lives due to smoking. Manufacturing companies are making a profit due to smoking and consumers are losing their lives. From the cultivation of tobacco products to the manufacture of cigarettes, the process is not only detrimental to health but is also affecting climate change.

    600 million trees are cut down every year to make cigarettes

    Around 600 million cigarettes are sold worldwide every year. If the cigarettes, which are consumed annually, are placed one on top of the other, then its chang reaches from the earth to the sun and then returns to the earth.

    Cigarettes are consumed at a distance of 15 kilometers per second in the world. Between 1962 and 2002, 1,700 hectares of forest were destroyed in India for the production of tobacco products.

    (According to a study by Professor Robert Proctor of Stanford University History of Science)

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