People who have consumed alcohol are not allowed to enter the polling station – Election Commission

    The Election Commission has instructed the people who have consumed alcohol not to enter the polling station even if they are voters.

    Press release Election Commission Nepal

    On Wednesday, Joint Secretary and Spokesperson Shaligram Sharma Poudel issued a statement saying that people who have come to the polling station after consuming alcohol should not be allowed to enter.

    The commission has issued a statement saying that attention should be paid while conducting the local elections on Friday in a clean, free and fear-free environment.

    ‘Voters, candidates or one of their election representatives or polling representatives, observers permitted by the Commission, persons permitted by the Commission or Returning Officer or Polling Officer within the polling station,

    Only female family members with a maximum of five years of age who are accompanied by female voters and blind or physically handicapped voters are allowed to enter. A statement issued by the commission said.

    The commission has stated that voters or any other person who is allowed to enter the polling station will not be allowed to carry mobile phones, cameras and photographic materials, matches and lighters.

    Documents containing flammable acid, any type of weapon, sample ballot paper, election symbol of any political party or candidate or the signaling of any object that is not allowed to be carried out, all concerned are informed, ‘the commission has instructed.

    The election commission also warned to take action if any action is taken from somewhere.

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