Why do women cry after s*x? Learn interesting facts.

    Why do women cry after inter*course? Prediction of Dr. Bhawana
    Sha-ri-rik su-khabho ‘g is a means to deepen the bond between two people and increase love.

    This enhances the closeness of the relationship and makes both partners happy. But many women do not feel happy after Sha-Ririk Su-khobo, but are worried.

    Many women do not cry after a good night’s sleep. If you find yourself in this situation and think that you are the only one, then we tell you that this is a very common problem. In science, this problem is called post coital dysphoria.

    According to the International Society for Medicinal Medicine, some women have a lot of emotions after Sha-ri-rik su-khovo, which makes them cry after physical pleasure. This is not to say that they did not enjoy the time of Shari-Rick Su-khov. Women can cry even after being happy and full of happiness.

    Clinical psychologist Dr. Bhavana Burmi says, ‘Sometimes during Sha-ri-rik su-khovo, women get so excited that all the cells of their brain start working together. It makes them feel all kinds of emotions.

    Crying is actually a way to relax. We all have peace of mind after crying. It is important to know that PCD can have many causes other than pain. ‘ Here are five reasons why you or your partner may cry after a good night’s sleep.

    Lack of expression of love after Sha-Ririk Su-Khavo

    Do you and your partner talk after Sha-Ri-Rick Su-kho? Do you both love each other We tell you this is very important for your emotional health.

    It makes the person with whom you have a physical relationship feel important. This is why the lack of love or engagement after physical pleasure makes you feel unnecessary. So you are filled with emotions that come out of the eye.

    Insult or aggression

    It often happens that women do not believe about their body, and they feel la-jammer for their body. This is why they cry after Shari-Rick Su-khovo. Apart from this, any bad experience always affects the mind.

    Many times the experience of Sha-Ririk Su-khovo reminds them of a traumatic event. It is very common for such women to cry. Even if one’s thoughts about Sha-ri-rik su-khavog are very narrow or restricted, they may later feel lazy and start crying.

    extreme happiness

    Dr. Burmese says, “After a long time, when a woman is having sex with her partner, full energy comes out. It can fill the eyes with tears of joy. ‘ This is also taken as normal.

    Prenatal dementia is more common in women due to hormonal imbalances. If Sha-ri-rik su-khavog’s postpartum period occurs, women are crying because of emotions. She says, ‘PCD rates are higher in postpartum-depressed women. If this happens frequently, consult an expert. ‘

    performance anxiety
    In general, just like men, women also have a common problem. That’s what Sha-Ri-Rik Sukhvog’s performance is all about. If things go awry, they will be overwhelmed. They are crying because of the direct effect of stress.

    She adds, “Are your partners satisfied with you?” This question is on everyone’s mind. When the pressure is too high, the result is tears. ‘ There are numerous studies showing that 32 to 46 percent of women experience PCD.

    This is usually very common. So there is no need to worry about such things. So you are not alone, do not weaken yourself. Talk to your partner and seek expert advice if necessary.

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