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    Kathmandu: I do not have the capacity to explain the definition and dimensions of birth and death. It knows that I am born and I will die. But maybe because we are social beings, we are also looking at the eternal truth in our favor. That is, happy at birth, sad at death.

    Even when Mankumar Dhamala Sir was born, his relatives must have been happy. Over time, the circle of his relationship became so wide that we fell into it. One of the main reasons for this is the work according to his name. His nature is as wide as his heart. But about three months ago, the spread came to a complete halt. Sir departed in a quiet world, but his family and all the people in his wide circle became restless and wept.

    My mind is trying to run in this article by remembering the same ‘mind’ i.e. Dhamala Sir.

    Once upon a time there was a lot of noise in our ecology class. The rumors started by a friend were mixed with the rumors of others. Mind was Sir’s class. He asked his friend in the language of Ecology, “Are you Alpha Mail?” Friend shut up And the question rained down on other students, do you know what ‘alpha mail’ is? No one could answer.

    One of the largest groups of primates, including monkeys. So he commands everyone. The other animals in the group should obey him. He is a kind of ‘king’ of that group. The same Nike is called ‘Alpha Mail’. Dhamala Sir called it ‘Alpha Mail’ when those friends made a lot of noise, asked questions only to the teachers and did not give the opportunity to ask other friends. He would easily explain to the students through such interesting examples within the subject matter. 000 I came to Golden Gate College for postgraduate studies. First day of college While searching, I came across the environment department – French cut beard, light long hair, wearing a cap and hat on a thin body sitting on a chair.

    ‘Where is Mankumar Dhamala Sir?’ The question was answered by the same person in front of me with a faint smile, ‘I am the person you are looking for, tell me what is the work?’ I asked him what I wanted to know about postgraduate level. He explained everything easily without any hassle. The first meeting with Sir became indelible in my memory. He lived in a corner. Sometimes we would get together while riding a clean tampo to reach the room. “Sir, why don’t you ride a motorcycle?” I asked one day, thinking that a person like a professor would not have a problem riding a motorcycle.

    From Uta, I got the ideal but practical answer, ‘How to use fuel and diesel powered vehicles even though you are an environmentalist? Now we have to gradually ride electric vehicles. ‘ As the company grew, it became clear that he had an amazing ability to keep students informed. He always went to great lengths to commend the good work, to assist in academic research, and to facilitate the provision of necessary details / statistics. Due to this nature, Dhamala Sir has always been at the center of the students. His activism was / is a catalyst for all of us. ‘Book knowledge alone is not enough for those who study environmental science.

    There is hardly anyone in the class who does not listen to these and similar inspirational words, to reach the field, to collect data and to write a paper work (research work). If any new facts were presented in the field of research and science, he would tell us. He was also more interested in sports and contemporary issues. He used to teach at Golden Gate before becoming a permanent associate professor at the Central Department of Environment. He used to come to Golden Gate in the morning, teach and reach Tribhuvan at 10 o’clock. I used to discuss various aspects of environment and science with him. How many times did I get news topics from such discussions? After reading my articles and news published on science and environment, I have often received ‘feedback’. Inspired by him, I try to read research articles, experiences and works published in national and international journals.

    Colleges closed due to the Corona epidemic. Classes were taken online. Due to the lockdown, everyone shrank at home and the work of various associations, institutions and private companies started from home. Although all the circle of friends were busy with their work, I remained in touch with Dhamala. Since he was the supervisor of my thesis, there was a constant dialogue about going to the field and collecting data. Apart from this, we also wrote a research article together with Sarva, which is about to be published. Meanwhile, the results of the third semester examination were published. Got an excuse to come to college. There was also an opportunity to meet the heads. After that,

    I had a meeting with Dhamala Sir at the office of Caron / InProx, a research institute, to do the rest of the thesis work. It was the institution of Aryal Sir. We would spend hours drinking tea, debating and analyzing the research work for hours. The routine was going on like this. I went home a week before the tenth. I started doing office work from home. At the same time, Dhamala Sir suggested to go to the field for the thesis. I was doing the same. But he left us forever without sharing his experience of data collection. The day of the tenth vaccination. Dhamla had a phone conversation with Sir. I don’t know, I was listening to his voice for the last time. 000 On 20th October, I reached home after completing the field of Miklajung village. After returning from the field, I used to call Dhamala Sir but I did Aryal Sir that day. A faint voice was heard from Uta at the beginning – “Govinda, Dhamla has expired, this is no more.” “Sir, is this also the case?” Probably not, what happened to tell the lie? ‘I did not believe and asked again to be clear. After hearing the same thing for the second time, I stopped where I was.

    I ran for a while. I could not believe that such an unimaginable event had taken place. The image of Dhamala Sir and the events connected with him began to revolve in his mind, brain and eyes. In fact, losing a teacher to a student is like losing a mother to a child. Tragedy has spread in the circle of friends and on social media. I called Deepak Dai from Belbari and asked him to go to Sir’s house.

    I arranged a car. After half an hour, we reached Laxmipur, Ghailadubba and reached Dhamla Sir’s house. Time had shone brightly. We wanted time to shine again and to wake up the dhamma sir who was sleeping in the courtyard. He died of a brain haemorrhage while eating. The next day Aryal Sir, Caesar Dai, Sandesh Dai, Ramesh Pant Saral and others came from Kathmandu. Some students also joined. On the same day, the body of Dhamala Sir was taken to Kankai Mai and a final farewell was given. Dhamala Sir, who was able to present himself with his friends, be a great knower of biodiversity and ecology and have a lively discussion on related topics, passed away physically that day but will always remain in our memory.

    Goodbye, sir!

    Story from bianca carta

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