Signs of labor shortage in Korea in the near future, know how?

    कोरिया मा मजदुर अभाव को सम्भावना |Sprasa Media

    A recent survey has shown that unmarried 20-year-olds in Korea are reluctant to have children after marriage due to concerns over childcare costs.

    According to a survey published by the Economic Development Journal of the Korea Development Institute, run by the Korean government

    According to a survey of unmarried Korean young women under the age of 20, 52.4 percent said they would not have children after marriage.

    Five years ago, a total of 23.3% voted against having a child in a poll on the same topic, but in a re-poll five years later, it increased to 52.4%.

    The survey has shown that the number of youths who are reluctant to have children has increased more than before.

    According to the survey, 28.3% said they plan to have children after marriage, which is only 7% more than before.

    Analysts say that the main reason for the change in the perception of Korean youth that having children after marriage is not an option but a choice is the cost of raising children.

    According to a report by Jefferies Financial Group, a US investment bank, the ratio of child rearing to Korean per capita income is one of the highest in the world.

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    Due to the economic downturn and skyrocketing apartment prices, the birth rate in South Korea is still low due to young Koreans marrying late, not getting married and not having children even after marriage.

    The government has urged Korean couples to raise their birth rates, saying that a sharp drop in birth rates could affect the economy in the near future.

    The Korean government has announced that it will provide 700,000 won a month from 2023 and 1.1 million won a month from 2024 to couples who have children for 11 months to increase the birth rate.

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