Good news for those who want to get a driver’s license

    Kathmandu. The Department of Transport Management is going to implement a new system in the application for driver’s license from Jestha 4. According to the new system, the license trial will be held within 15 days of the application, said Namaraj Ghimire, director general of the department.

    He said that preparations have been made to open new applications by completing the examination of all the applications by this year. “Our plan is to implement the new system from Jestha 1, As it is a public holiday, we are preparing to implement this arrangement from jestha 4, ‘he said.

    According to Director General Ghimire, both the written and trial examinations of all the previous applications for the license are nearing completion. ‘Almost all the offices outside the valley have completed the examination of the old application. There are only one or two offices left in the valley, ‘said Ghimire.

    The department has closed the application system since last April saying that the pressure to apply is high. According to the department, 572,000 applications were received for the license till the application system was closed. The department has stated that the trial of all the applicants will be completed within this Baisakh.

    According to the department, some offices have already conducted the examination in three shifts in the morning, afternoon and evening.

    Now with the accumulated pressure, the department implements a new system in which the department receives limited applications. The new application is opened only after the examination of the subsequent application. The department plans to take applications in a lot for a maximum of 15 days.

    “After the implementation of the new system, there is no need to wait for two or three years for the trial by applying,” said Director General Ghimire.

    The exams have been suspended for a long time due to the Kovid epidemic. The department is going to make such an arrangement after seeing the situation of waiting for two to three years for the turn of those who have already filled the form through various offices.

    There are 23 transport offices across the country. Of these offices, the Kathmandu Valley office is under the most pressure. The Upatyaka Transport Office has been conducting 500 to 1000 examinations daily.

    Having passed the exam, you have to wait a long time to get a smart license. Earlier, the department had stopped printing and distribution for a long time due to lack of smart cards.

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