No matter how beneficial walking is, don’t stay still. Even if you walk, your body stays healthy.

    Walk, are these diseases easily diagnosed?

    Walking is a holistic exercise in itself. When we walk at a certain speed or intensity, the org

    ans of the body move properly. The body absorbs enough oxygen. Blood flow is smooth. When we arrive at the hospital seeking treatment for diabetes or high blood pressure.

    Physicians recommend, “Walk for at least 30 minutes in the morning (evening).” In some chronic diseases, not all types of exercise are suitable.

    Some exercises can have the opposite effect.
    You have to walk to keep your body healthy.

    Regular walking for at least 30 minutes a day keeps the heart healthy and the bones strong.

    Walking lowers body fat and helps control high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Reduces joint pain, muscle problems and reduces the risk of osteoporosis and other types of cancer.
    One does not need any special training to walk.

    People can move freely at any time. And, walking is beneficial for people with obesity, the elderly, and people who have been inactive for a long time. It increases their physical activity. Helps to keep the body fit. According to researchers at the Cancer Society, people who walk an average of six hours a week or more tend to live longer.

    According to a study by Howard Medical School, walking reduces the risk of heart disease by 31 percent. And, the risk of dying from heart disease is reduced by 32 percent. But now people have become beneficiaries. They also look for vehicles on the one-step road. They ride motorcycles to buy vegetables.

    Because of the busy lifestyle and work done in the chair, people now spend their time on the computer. They spend most of their time at the table.

    Due to which such people rarely get the convenience of walking. So, people who want to walk can choose the best option for walking. They can travel by bus or tempo instead of private vehicles. It also encourages people to walk to the bus stand or tempo station.

    Similarly, people walk to reach places. According to a 2007 study, walking about 75 minutes a week keeps the body healthy. But for that you need to walk 30 minutes daily.

    Benefits of walking 30 minutes
    daily 30 minutes of daily walking is considered healthy for the body. You have to take long steps while walking. It can be difficult for many people to walk fast at once.

    In order to prevent that from happening, a person can start a journey of ten minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening. When they begin to develop the habit of walking, then they can gradually increase this order. It helps in keeping the body fit and also helps in weight loss.

    There are other ways to develop physical activity while walking. Which develops the habit of walking more effectively.

    Use stairs instead of elevators.
    – When traveling on public transport, get in the habit of getting down one stop before reaching home.
    – If you have to go to the nearest shop, try to walk.
    – If there is a dog in the house, try to take the dog around the house.

    The faster you walk, the fewer calories you burn. But for this, you have to walk faster than jumping and walk up and down the road.

    walking a diary The process of walking should be made regular while walking. You have to get in the habit of walking at the same time. And, you have to expend the same amount of energy while walking. However, some people do not have a good idea of how much energy to consume while walking you can cover a longer distance by yourself.


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