The government is ready to recommend foreign currency payments

    Kathmandu: Internet service providers are set to receive a foreign exchange recommendation from the Ministry of Communications. The ministry is set to recommend a halt to foreign currency payments from Wednesday.

    The Internet was on the verge of being cut off across the country when the Ministry of Communications did not recommend payment of US dollars to internet service providers, saying that the Auditor General’s Office had not paid the dues. The commission had instructed the concerned bodies to resolve the issue after the news that the internet could be cut off during the election became public.

    “It is time for elections. How can we manage internet cut-off? Minister for Communications Gyanendra Bahadur Karkiju urged on how to find a way out. For the past six months, we have been trying to solve the problem of foreign exchange payments. The ministry did not facilitate. It is Minister Zou who understands why things did not work out, “said Subas Khadka, CEO of Spain.” Then there was a commitment to solve the problem.

    This was discussed on Monday between the Minister of Communications and representatives of the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA).

    The Minister assured us that the Ministry of Communications would do everything possible to prevent the Internet from being shut down. He said that the work should be started immediately without any interruption in the internet, ‘said Khadka quoting the Minister of Communications.

    About 20 service providers in Nepal have not paid Rs 3.5 billion to the Indian Internet company. Indian companies have been warning Nepali service providers to cut off bandwidth from Nepal at any time if they do not pay for bandwidth as soon as possible.

    Indian companies, including Tata and Airtel, which sell bandwidth in Nepal, warned last week that the Internet would be cut off from this year if they did not pay their dues. This issue was brought to the notice of the service recipients by the Ministry of Communications including Spain.

    Secretary of the Ministry of Communications Dr. Baikuntha Aryal has informed Spain that it will move ahead with the recommendation of Sahati, which has been suspended since Wednesday.

    Similarly, television service providers have also pledged to recommend withholding foreign currency payments, Karki said.

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