SEBON chairman prepares to take action against social media’s ” Bajar Kaa pandit”

    Kathmandu. Chairman of the Nepal Securities Board (SEBON) Ramesh Kumar Hamal has warned to take action against the ‘self-proclaimed’ share market pundits on social media.

    Stating that there is a lack of law and order to control such activities, Chairman Hamal said that the process of action has been taken forward with the help of CIB. “Those who engage in such activities should not be given exemption and should not be tried for exemption as there is no relevant law and order,” he said.

    Addressing the first National Accountants’ Conference held in the capital today, Chairman Hamal gave such a warning. “So-called market Pandit have been making predictions about the stock market on social media, which is illegal,” he said. “Such market pundits are now being prosecuted.”

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