The importance of discipline in student life Full essay

    The importance of discipline in student life

    Student life is the life from childhood to higher education. In terms of age, the age of 3/4 years to 22/25 years is the time of student life i.e. life.

    Discipline is the observance of rules and regulations. Anyone should follow discipline in their area or place. Every human being is called a noble and noble person only if he follows the discipline, while if he does not follow the discipline, murder, violence and terror increase and he is called a thief, robber and swindler.

    Student life is the first step of life. Only a student who is disciplined in this life and makes the school environment beautiful can easily acquire a good education by being diligent and diligent. ‘ The student is already moving forward with good symptoms, as the saying goes. Every person who follows discipline in the student life can become a good citizen of the nation and make significant contribution in the development of the country by being qualified in the fields of health, education, social service, politics, industry, commerce etc.

    Discipline is following the rules. Nature is also found to follow the rules. The earth is orbiting the sun at a certain speed and on this basis the process of day and night continues. The vast ocean also has its limits. Summer and winter also come according to the rules.

    In the same way, the wind, the clouds, the mountains, the fire, the trees, etc. all move according to their own rules. Human life also depends on this kind of discipline of nature. If nature is disciplined then the very existence of human life is in crisis. Such discipline found in nature has become an inspiration for human beings. Discipline is very important in student life. An undisciplined student cannot study well. Disciplined students can achieve remarkable success in their studies. A student who literally obeys the rules of the school, respects the teacher and pays close attention to what he or she teaches becomes a good citizen. His future also becomes bright.

    Student life indicates what the future holds for a person, good or bad, just as the morning indicates the day. Therefore, every student should study with discipline in order to have a good future. Undisciplined students lead to rudeness, chaos and perversion. Such students should regret a lot in the future. Discipline should be followed from within. It is appropriate for everyone to be conscious and reduce within the framework of social policy-rules. Only a person who is disciplined can teach others the lesson of discipline. A person who is not disciplined cannot discipline anyone else.

    In the same way, the discipline that is created by creating punishment for others through punishment, fear and intimidation is temporary. Such discipline does not last forever. It is important for everyone to be disciplined first. In this sense, self-discipline is the first condition of discipline.
    Education is not for money. Cultivation is done for faith and successful life. Trying to acquire education in the hope of gaining wealth can lead to loss of both knowledge and success in life. If there is no education and discipline in human life, it will be the last in the race of life. So education is not about getting the job done, it is about getting on with the study. The government also said that schools are a zone of peace. It has been announced on 11 June 2068. We can experience healthy happiness in life only when we are enjoying the ocean of knowledge with good teachers and friends. Who lead us in the work of knowledge, advice and benefit.

    Good education teaches to ask and answer questions, while bad education teaches to hesitate to answer and memorize. So let’s change the way we teach and take from today, only then will education change. As we improve ourselves and become good and gentle, gradually everyone will start thinking and putting it into practice. Eventually, there will be a change in the field of education in the society and the country.

    As students are the leaders of the future, let’s focus on getting them a good education. Do not use for any kind of domestic and personal purposes. Let’s appeal to all sectors to make the teachers accountable for their educational activities. Teachers should take responsibility and give good education to their students, prevent them from engaging in unnecessary external activities. If the teacher finds out that the student is involved in other activities, ask them for clarification.

    You are involving students in such activities, why? Mistakes are a natural phenomenon in students, it should be accepted by the teachers and the foundation of good culture should be established. They need to be guided on the path of improvement and progress. Fools talk a lot, so what they say doesn’t make sense. But, wise people talk less, it means more. In order for us to be able to understand this, we need to have a good education as well as an abundance of discipline. Today’s students are the campaigners of the future school peace zone campaign. Let’s give him a good education and culture. Students will also have to focus their attention on acquiring education and be disciplined in order to achieve the objective.

    Good education never bows its head, it always raises its head. We have to keep our good culture alive. It is very important to be in education and discipline in student life, to do all your work in a systematic way. Success can be achieved by assimilating desire, dedication, diligence and discipline, not by indifference in education. Which will be helpful in human or student life.

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