Essays on importance of education

    Education is a way to guide people. Acquiring or imparting knowledge on a subject is also called education. No age, caste, gender, religion or culture can stop you from getting education. Man is learning from the rooster to the grave. No one has ever received a complete education. This world is because of education. This world would not exist without education. Perhaps without education this world would be buzzing with darkness.

    People in some communities are still deprived of education. Due to illiteracy, millions of Nepali youth are now forced to go abroad. Due to illiteracy, ordinary Nepalis are forced to work day and night in foreign lands. How many Nepalis are losing their lives? Due to illiteracy and being unemployed in Nepal, Nepalis living abroad have to return to Nepal with a beautiful dream. How many have become homeless.

    If we look at the education system of our country Nepal, there are many differences. Even primary schools are still not available in some areas. They are being deprived of education in the same dark society. That is why education plays an important role in making a good person. Education is necessary to improve the society, community and nation from one person to another. Education is necessary to build a good person, a good family, a good society, a good community and a good nation.

    The importance of education is just as important. Education is also important for a good and healthy life. Education is important for living as a respected person in a society. Education is also important for good employment in Nepal. Education is as important as one’s life. Education is as valuable as life itself. Why that Life without education is like a blind person. Even though a blind person has everything, he has only one weakness. Which is the light of the eye.

    So even though they are full of everything, they are not able to see this world. The same is true of education. No matter how rich he may be, if he doesn’t have education, he can’t do anything. If he doesn’t have education, he doesn’t know how to speak with respect. He doesn’t even know how to use the money he has. That is why education is so necessary and important for becoming a good person, family, society, community and nation.

    Only if both men and women are educated can a society or a nation prosper. It is very important for everyone to emphasize that women should be able to read like men. In some parts of our country, girls are still not taught. If only the sons are educated in this way and the daughters are not educated in the place, then education has no meaning. When women are uneducated, the development of the society and the nation remains incomplete. Similarly, education is being commercialized today. Today, a large number of Nazi-level schools are being opened to make education a medium of trade and to earn millions of rupees. It is a matter of acquiring education;

    This is not a matter of buying and selling. In our society, it is not uncommon for idiots to consider themselves educated by buying educational certificates from neighboring countries. The task of collecting certificates is not just to be educated. Such education does not benefit any citizen. We should focus on quality education as much as possible. The need for scientific, employment oriented, vocational and technical education to suit the soil of the country has emerged as a tanker. Only by being able to impart such education can the nation and the nation prosper and this reflects the importance of education.

    Education is as much a jewel as a human being. It enhances human dignity and prestige in the society. An educated person is also appreciated everywhere. Happiness is not less than the happiness that mother gives to man through education. It makes people strong. Therefore, education or knowledge is a precious asset of any person. Its importance has also increased as it does not have a daughter and will not be lost. It is also true that an educated person will never suffer. On the other hand, a person without knowledge is like an animal and it does not get any respect in the society.

    An uneducated person, no matter how materially prosperous he may be, cannot attain inner happiness. In today’s age uneducated people can do nothing and no nation can prosper from uneducated citizens. Since education is the source of all kinds of progress, from it the individual, the society, The nation and the world can prosper. Today’s materially prosperous age is due to education. It gives man both material happiness and spiritual happiness. Education is of paramount importance as it contributes immensely to the development of the individual, the nation and the nation.

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