Nepali Congress election campaign in Ratnanagar 10 is in full swing

    Nepali Congress Presidential candidate Kaladhar Poudel has been engaged in a door-to-door campaign with his team in Ratnanagar-10 since baisakh 17
    Among the members are Ramakanta Poudel, youth leader Sudhan Bhandari, Anu Gautam and Purnima Nepali.
    Receiving the blessings of the village elders, Poudel has promised to make the ward a model.

    Your agenda, commitments:
    • To develop Ward No. 10 as a modern and age-appropriate ward,
    गर्ने To act justly on issues of public concern including education, health,
    • To build a well-equipped library within the ward to emphasize the reading culture, and to provide computer skills to the students studying in the community schools by the ward.
    • To make arrangements for imparting technical education in secondary level schools, to prevent children from economically weaker and deprived families from being deprived of education,
    • Wadale to provide free ambulance service,
    •Ensuring the right of senior citizens to live with dignity,
    • Delivering social security benefits from door to door,
    • In addition to canal canal management, budget arrangements will be made for shallow and deep boring in all cultivable lands.
    • Adopting financial transparency,
    • To increase the self-employment capacity of the youth by increasing their entrepreneurship,
    • To provide consultancy services to the youth who want to run locally employed industries,
    •Road maintenance within the ward and blacktop of all roads within the toll road.
    • To protect the canals and tributaries in the ward,
    • To work as soon as possible to control the erosion of Khageri river,
    • To make arrangements for the comfort of the villagers by controlling the entry of wild animals into the village.
    •Identify local needs and formulate long-term plans and implement them effectively,
    • One-way power poles on the main roads of the ward will be gradually managed on both sides,
    • Laying slopes or mosaic tiles on streets that are not paved due to road standards,
    •To increase the agricultural production and promote its market management and introduction (one ward one product), personal details (birth registration, marriage registration and death registration) will be arranged from door to door,
    • Public drinking water will be provided in the main places of the ward.
    • To build a modern kindergarten in the ward,
    • To arrange special scholarships for students studying technical education
    •Arrangement will be made to give land to the squatters without red card within the ward by arranging land.
    • To protect and promote public property within the ward,
    • To provide free health insurance to the citizens above 65 years of age,
    •Preserving and promoting its traditional values and customs while maintaining religious tolerance,
    •Special grants for higher education will be provided to the poor and deserving students in the ward.
    •Special grants for higher education will be provided to the poor and marginalized students in the ward.
    •Ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities and minorities through additional management,
    • Subsidies will be provided to commercial livestock farmers for grass cultivation, herding, land rent and irrigation,
    •Subsidies will be provided on the basis of liters of milk produced by farmers,
    •To expand technical education programs,
    •Installing compound walls in community school areas, •To take initiative for necessary teacher posts by expanding and managing English medium.

    Has moved forward.

    Nepali Congress ratnanagar Oda President on public survey
    Nepali Congress ratnanagar Oda President

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