Why sweat comes, how to reduce it.

    KathmanduSweating is a natural process. It keeps the body temperature in balance and delivers clean air to the body. The disorder inside the body comes out through sweat. If sweat does not come out of the body or if for some reason the sweat stops, many types of physical diseases can occur.

    Therefore, to keep the body healthy, it is very important to get rid of sweat from the body. This is why people still go to cycling, exercise, jogging, morning walk or gym to break a sweat. However, sometimes excessive amounts are needed and the body starts sweating without any reason. Excessive sweating is medically called hyperhidrosis. According to one estimate, hyperhidrosis affects about two percent of the world’s population. In general, men sweat more than women.

    What is sweat (पसिना)
    Sweat is produced by the sweat glands located on the inner surface of the skin. The function of this gland is to control body temperature. The salivary glands produce salty water (sweat) on the upper surface of the skin to prevent the skin from burning due to extreme heat. Which is called sweat. The taste of sweat coming out of the body is often salty.

    How do you sweat (पसिना)
    There are various reasons for sweating in the body. Hereditary causes also cause more sweating. Excessive physical exertion in summer, increasing sports exercise or exercise, eating oily spicy food, constipation also increases sweating. In addition, if there is any physical disease such as: malaria, typhoid, dengue fever, chest TV. Excessive sweating is also caused by blood contamination, anemia, mental stress, anxiety, nervousness, fear, trauma and high fever. Other reasons include drinking hot beverages, khaini, gutkha, raw supadi and narcotics. Similarly, if the thyroid gland is over-activated due to being overweight and due to the body’s immune system, there will be a lot of sweating.

    If there are places where sweat comes in
    the body, then sweat can come in any part of the body. However, the specific areas of sweat in our body are as follows: palms, soles of the feet, armpits, armpits. These parts often sweat a lot. In addition, sweating occurs on the head, forehead, upper lip, back and abdomen. This is because of the large number of white glands on the inside of the body, such as the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. Excessive sweating occurs when these sweat glands become overactive.

    The smell of sweat(पसिना):
    If the sweat coming out of the body cannot be evaporated, then the sweat starts smelling. On the outside of the body there is a layer of dead skin, a lot of sweat makes the skin layer moist. In a humid place, the environment is conducive to the growth of bacteria, which quickly produces a foul odor. In addition, different types of white, yellow, red, black and tattered sweat stains appear on the clothes worn by the person. Some people have a lot of bad smell in their sweat. Because of the smell of sweat, it is embarrassing to sit in a public place, in a meeting, or even among friends. In the same way, due to excessive sweating in summer, some people find it difficult to do their daily work. Therefore, if the person who sweats a lot does not pay attention to the hygiene of his body regularly, then germs will grow in him and he will get infected and he will get wounds. Especially feet, armpits,

    Sweat process and how to overcome it | Sprasa Media

    What to do to prevent excessive sweating?
    The best way to prevent excessive sweating is to keep your body cool. To do this, avoid sunbathing, running and exercise, stay cool, take regular baths, drink plenty of water, eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, yogurt, seasonal fruits, watermelon, melon, cucumber, and coconut water.

    Drinking, not consuming tea, coffee, ice, not staying up late at night, not being hungry for a long time, not eating spicy food, reducing the use of garlic, ginger, red pepper in food and increasing the amount of onion can reduce excessive sweating. Some people drink less water for fear of sweating. This is not goodà Dehydration can occur if the amount of water in the body is reduced. If all these measures are considered and adopted, the problem of excessive sweating can be reduced to some extent. If the amount of sweat does not decrease even with the above method, the medicine should be taken on the advice of a doctor.

    Medicinal treatment:
    Allopathic medicine is prescribed by Allopathic Aluminum Chloride-Antiperspirant to reduce the problem of excessive sweating. Homeopathic medicine prescribes the following medicines to cure excessive and unexplained sweating.

    • 1) If you sweat as soon as you close your eyes, use Bryonia, Conium is beneficial.
    • 2) If the body sweats due to winter, Naxbhomika should be used.
    • 3) If sweating occurs in any other exposed part of the body except the head, the patient should be given a medicine called Thuja for such symptoms.
    • 4) If there is excessive sweating on the face without any reason, it is beneficial to use Ross Tox or Sicilicor medicine.
    • 5) If the patient sweats only when he is awake, taking a medicine called Sembukus is beneficial.
    • 6) If sweating occurs only on the part of the body covered with clothes, you should take medicine like Aconite, Belladonna, China etc.
    • 7) If sweating only increases on the left side of the body, it is beneficial to use Pulsatilla, Petroleum.
    • 8) If you sweat more on the side of the body when you go back to sleep, the use of drugs like Bryonia, Naxbhomika, Jikam etc. is more beneficial.
    • 9) In the same way, if the patient does not sweat in the part where he sleeps, but sweats in the opposite part, then one of the medicines called benzoic acid, thuja, seniculla should be used according to the symptoms.
    • 10) If sweating occurs only during sleep and disappears after waking up, the use of a drug called conium is beneficial. It will be beneficial for him to use the above mentioned homeopathic

    medicines in consultation with a qualified and experienced physician near him.

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