How to get cool in summer season. Here are some tips

    It is summer now. We don’t have to talk much to keep ourselves healthy and fit in this season. If you can pay attention to some simple things, you can easily overcome the heat.

    Here are some ways to avoid the heat in summer.

    • Clean and clean water should be drunk in plenty.
    • – Yogurt, lassi, mohi, juice, raita and curd can be eaten by putting fruits like cucumber, banana, melon etc. It makes the food tasty and also provides energy to the body by increasing the amount of water.
    • – It is very beneficial to drink coconut water in this season. Its consumption provides coolness to the body and also contains important minerals.
    • – Eat plums, apples, groundnuts, mangoes, pears, bananas, melons and other fruits.
    • – Seasonal and green vegetables should be consumed in sufficient quantity every day.
    • – Fruits can also be eaten in this season. Fruits contain dietary, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidants and other minerals like magnesium, potassium, phosphorus etc.
    • – At this time a handful of dry feet okhar, almonds, cashews can be eaten.
    • – Drinking mint and lemon water is also beneficial in this season.
    • – In hot weather, bitter and sour food is eaten for the taste and rip of the tongue. Such foods increase the internal temperature of the body according to the external temperature and balance the body temperature.
    • – Sour foods (lemon or other fruits) and pero (green chillies) also provide other essential nutrients for our body.
    • – Sour or sour food obtained from fresh food sources does not affect the health of healthy people, but if there is a problem of various diseases, it is effective to eat only after consulting a nutritionist.
    • – Water is needed to keep the body temperature right. How much water to drink in this season depends on the place. Healthy people should drink 2 to 3 liters of water in this season. In case of high temperature and excessive sweating, it is suitable to drink up to 5 liters.
    • – For patients who need to reduce the amount of water, it is advisable to take it according to the advice of a doctor and nutritionist.

    Sweat stinks?

    It is normal to sweat in hot weather. There is a general belief that the more you sweat, the healthier the person becomes. Sweating is also considered essential for the body. Disorders in the body also come out of the body in the form of sweat. Sweating also keeps the body temperature in balance. However, excessive sweating can cause body and clothing odors.

    Most people suffer from bad breath. People who live together feel uncomfortable because of the stench of sweat. Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis.

    Hereditary causes, even in extreme heat and sweating during exercise. In addition, due to some diseases, the body sweats even when weak. In addition, sweating occurs when the thyroid gland is more active than necessary.

    Sweat moisturizes the dead skin layer on the outside of the body. That’s where the stench comes from. You have to stay cool to prevent sweating. Take regular baths. You should consume a lot of fruits in summer season. Don’t go hungry for a long time, don’t eat spicy food, you can get rid of the problem of sweating. In addition, consuming more yogurt in hot weather can also get rid of the problem of excessive sweating.

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