See the results of the DV Lottery that came with the name and address !!!

    Although the rules have to be published in the federal registration at least 30 days in advance, the court has ruled that the process was not followed and brought illegally. The Trump administration has argued that the rule would apply to foreign affairs exceptions, but the court ruled it was wrong.

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    Passports were made mandatory for the DV lottery, which opened in September 2019. After that, passport was made mandatory in the DV lottery which was continuously opened in 2020 and 2021. Provision was made to fill in the details including passport number, country of issuance of passport, period of passport while filling DV lottery form.

    Despite making passports mandatory, 688,502 Nepalis participated in the DV 2021 program, which opened in September 2019. There were 421,765 Nepalis applying for the primary. A total of 688,502 Nepalis, including 266,737 family members, participated in the 2021 DV program.

    They had applied for the DV lottery from October 2 to November 5, 2019. The result came on June 6, 2020. Although 3801 Nepalis won the DV lottery, Kayan could not get a visa due to the epidemic in Corona. The court has reserved visas for them, but the Biden administration has not started issuing protected visas.

    The number of people applying for passports at the Passport Department had increased more than six times since 2019 when passports became mandatory to enter the US DV lottery. With a maximum of 500 people applying for passports daily, the number of applications had reached nearly 3,000 after the opening of the DV in 2019.

    If the passport is lost or expired
    If the passport is lost or expired by the time you apply for a visa after completing the DV lottery, you will need to provide proof to the US government. If for any reason the passport number is changed, the US government has stated that the proof and the reason for the change must be submitted to the Kentucky Service Center before the DV interview.

    The US State Department said: “If you apply for the DV lottery with the wrong passport number, you will be automatically disqualified and your DV application will be rejected. We suggest you make a valid photocopy of the passport you used to fill out the DV lottery and keep it in a safe place with your entry number. Although the photocopy itself is not proof of valid passport number, it will help explain your situation. The final decision will be made by the Consular Officer during your DV interview. ‘

    If you have two years of experience in these professions in the last five years, you are eligible for DV
    It is said that even if you do not have a high school level education, you may be eligible to go to the United States by filling the DV lottery. There is a provision to qualify for the DV lottery even if you do not have educational qualifications if you have experience in the work assigned by the US government.

    According to the US Department of State, a person with two years of experience in the last five years in a US government-designated job will be eligible for the DV lottery.

    The US government has designated high school level (up to grade 12) education as the first qualification for the DV lottery. In the absence of a high school-level education, a person with two years of experience in a job assigned by the US government will also be eligible for the DV lottery.

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