Why is marijuana cultivation important?This is the medicinal value of marijuana( गाँजा)

    Kathmandu :marijuana, drugs or medicine? This debate continues in Nepal. The issue has once again come to the fore after lawmakers demanded that the ban on marijuana be lifted and that it be allowed to become a source of income.

    Although marijuana can be interpreted as a drug or a nerve, it has been argued that it may be the perfect drug to use.

    This is the benefit of marijuana

    1. If a woman suffering from labor pains eats a teaspoon of marijuana powder mixed with milk, delivery will be faster.
    2. Consuming too much of it has a negative effect.
    3. It makes you feel hungry and sleepy. It removes phlegm, flatulence, etc.
    4. Improves digestion and also gives strength to the body.
    5. Chop, seeds and all parts of it are made into powder or mixed with cannabis and chilli powder and eaten with lukewarm water.

    modern medicinal applications of Marijuana

    Doctors prescribe cannabinoids and cannabis to treat patients. However, there have not been adequate studies of its medicinal properties in allopathic medicine and clinical research has been limited. So there are no concrete results on how marijuana can cure any disease. According to preliminary studies, the medicinal uses of marijuana are as follows:

    Nausea and vomiting: Cannabis has been shown to be effective in nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. Cannabis has been shown to be more effective than conventional drugs in reducing this type of nausea and vomiting. However, due to the side effects of ringworm, hallucinations, etc., it is rarely used.
    HIV / AIDS: The use of marijuana has been shown to be effective in treating anorexia nervosa in patients with HIV / AIDS, but there is no conclusive evidence.
    Pain: A 2017 study found only limited evidence that marijuana is effective in chronic pain. Inhaling marijuana has been shown to work faster than inhaled mills to reduce pain. Some studies have shown that marijuana is useful in reducing the pain of long-term non-cancer patients.
    Neurological conditions: Cannabis has been shown to be effective in multiple sclerosis and physical movement problems. Marijuana has also been found to be useful in paralysis-related problems.

    • Causing imbalance in physical movement and activity,
    • Affecting the respiratory system,
    • Increase heart rate,
    • Cognitive impairment,
    • Memory loss,
    • Having short-term psychosis (severe mental illness)
    • Having long-term psychosis (severe mental illness)
    • Schizophrenia (a type of mental illness)
    • Seriously affects brain cells, lung cells and tissues, neck and head muscles
    • Consumption during pregnancy can lead to low birth weight, birth defects, or miscarriage

    Sources are medical Institution , website and Expert advice

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