What is plastic surgery? How to Nepal become medical hub in plastic surgery ?

    Nepal can become a medical hub in plastic surgery

    Many people still think that plastic is used in plastic surgery. What is plastic surgery, why is it done and what are its conditions?

    What is plastic surgery?

    Many people ask , ‘Will plastic be used in plastic surgery?’ Plastic is a Greek word. It means to reconcile. Plastic is not used in plastic surgery. Just like plastic is given different shapes by twisting it, plastic surgery is to give different shapes to the skin according to the needs of the client. There are two types of plastic surgery, reconstructive and cosmetic.

    What is the difference between the two?

    There is a big difference between reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery is compulsory if cosmetic surgery is performed. For example, in case of fire burns, accidental mutilation or any congenital mutilation, those organs are reshaped by plastic surgery. In this case, the skin is taken from any part of the patient’s body and placed on the damaged part. But lips, nose, eyes, breasts, ears, etc. can be cosmetic surgery to make the shape of your limbs unsatisfied or more attractive.

    When talking about cosmetic surgery, which organ is more common in Nepal?

    Chimpanzees have more eyes to enlarge, breasts to enlarge and tighten noses, and belly fat. Because of its natural beauty, women are more likely than men to have plastic surgery. Of these, the number of people who come to make eye ‘lead’ is even higher. Many people come saying that they can’t wear eyeglasses. Cosmetic surgery not only improves but also boosts a person’s self-confidence.

    Can everyone have plastic surgery?

    As reconstructive surgery is part of the treatment, it can be done for any age group. In cosmetic surgery, there is an age limit. We do not perform cosmetic surgery on those under 18 years of age. Because they grow up to 18 years. The organ is developing. Once adjusted, it increases again, causing problems. After 18 years, it can be done by any age.

    What is its service and quality like in Nepal?

    Until recently, celebrities were only heard to get better after undergoing cosmetic surgery. But now not only celebrities but also the general public have started doing it. Everyone likes to be good. This service is also flourishing in Nepal. Skilled manpower is also increasing. This service is also available in large private hospitals. We are also providing all the services related to plastic surgery in Star Hospital.

    How much does it cost?

    Cosmetic surgery is a bit expensive. But it is much cheaper than abroad. This surgery is not covered by insurance abroad which makes it very expensive. Due to which many Nepalis living abroad come to Nepal and undergo cosmetic surgery. Just as Nepalis living abroad come to Nepal for dental treatment, they also come for cosmetic treatment.

    Nepal is celebrating Visit Nepal this year. On this occasion, Nepal can become a medical hub for plastic surgery. Not calling foreigners, our Nepali, who are doing cosmetic surgery abroad by paying expensive money, would be very good to bring them by informing them about this service. The service here is not less than 1 percent of the service provided abroad. Also, with the money spent abroad, one can not only perform cosmetic surgery, but also visit Nepal by visiting family and relatives.

    How Safe is Cosmetic Surgery?

    Among plastic surgeries, reconstructive surgery does not carry much risk. But cosmetic surgery can be risky. Because it is a matter of reconciling the disjointed limbs. In this, the service recipient is expecting 100 percent. Sometimes things don’t work out that way. So to get cosmetic surgery, you have to understand well. You should go to a skilled and experienced doctor. Also, it is important to understand the process and side effects.

    Understandably, it is safer to have it done by a skilled surgeon. But it should not be done where it is found. Cosmetic surgery is not like daily makeup. Once done, appear forever.

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