Ratnanagar became the first child friendly city in Chitwan districts

    CHITWAN | Ratnanagar Municipality of Chitwan has become the first child labor free and child friendly town in the district. The municipality has become a child-friendly city by releasing 429 children. Ratnanagar district has become the first city to be declared a child-friendly city and is ranked fifth among the local levels in the country.

    Ratnanagar becomes the first child friendly city in the district became
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    Minister for Internal Affairs and Law of Bagmati Pradesh Krishna Prasad Khanal declared the municipality child labor free and child friendly at a program organized in Pranggarh of the municipality on Tuesday. Mayor Narayan Wan said that the municipality has been declared a child-friendly city for 429 children within a period of six years. Before declaring the municipality child-friendly, 289 people have been given education by enrolling them in schools and 140 people have been given employment through skill-based training, said Mayor One.

    In the declaration meeting, Minister Khanal handed over the certificate to Mayor One and declared Ratnanagar child labor free. At the program, people’s representatives, employees and representatives of various social organizations have also signed a letter of commitment to raise voice against child labor, to take initiative for legal action against those who do not use it and those who use it.

    From 2064 BS to 2068 BS, there were 558 child laborers in the municipality. In 2073 BS, that number had come down to 429.

    State Assembly member Kanchan Khanal said that she would sign the commitment against child labor and would work diligently for legal process if found guilty of committing acts and crimes against child labor.

    At the program, certificates were issued to all the 16 wards free from child labor, status of children was made public and sports materials were provided to the city level wall clubs and ward level wall clubs. Speaking on the occasion, Chief Guest Minister Khanal said that the declaration of child labor free and child friendly city would bring change in the lives of children. This is not a simple announcement.

    Nepali Congress Municipal Secretary Anila Aryal, Maoist Center Municipal Chairman Shyam Prasad Baral, Samajwadi Party Municipal Chairman Badrinath Ghimire, Ratnanagar Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Anil Krishna Shrestha, Rojisa Ghimire, chairperson of the city level children’s network, rights activist Navina Gurung and others made comments.

    The program was conducted by Women Development Officer Deepa Ghimire. Mayor One said the most important work of his last five years was the declaration of Valmaitri. Chief Administrative Officer of Ratnanagar Municipality Shishir Poudel, Social Development Committee Coordinator Keshav Acharya, UML Municipal Chairman Ishwori Prasad Aryal

    Deputy Mayor Vimala Duwadi said that the child labor has been declared by ensuring that there are no child laborers in the municipality. Minister Khanal said that the state should work with child rights as a policy part and he would make efforts for that


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