Ratnanagar Deputy Mayor Duwadi’s wish to become mayor in the upcoming election?

    Chitwan Vimala Devi Duwadi is the Deputy Mayor of Ratnanagar Municipality. She is claiming for the post of mayor in the local level election to be held on April 12.

    She wants to show that women can do better and more than men. The experience of one term as deputy mayor has given him confidence to work as mayor.

    Duwadi said that he was naturally a contender for the post of mayor in the upcoming election as he had successfully fulfilled all the responsibilities given to him as the deputy mayor on time and created trust in the people. She said that she had to become the mayor to do some of the things that she had seen to do during her tenure as deputy mayor.

    “The deputy mayor’s main job is to monitor. I visit the villages for monitoring and other work. I have seen people’s problems up close, but those problems can be solved from the deputy mayor’s chair, ‘says Duwadi.

    She said that although the deputy mayor is a very important post, he cannot do everything. ‘It is worthwhile to listen to the pain if you can bring a program by understanding the pain of the people, ‘she says.’ I identified the problem but could not address it. ‘

    In Ratnanagar, both the mayor and the deputy mayor were elected from the CPN-UML. Mayor Narayan is older than Duwadi in the One Party and addresses Duwadi as his brother-in-law.

    ‘Our relationship is really like brother-in-law. After being from the same family, sometimes there is a dispute, ‘says Duwadi. When the mind does not obey, the mind is satisfied However, during our five-year tenure, there was no apparent dispute between us. “

    Duwadi said she was saddened when she did not get the plans she wanted.

    He is determined to implement the program that the mayor wants. Having successfully completed her term as deputy mayor, she now wants to show her ability by being elected mayor once. He is confident that the party will help him in this.

    Duwadi is currently the Chitwan district president of the All Nepal Women’s Association. Duwadi, 62, entered politics in 2043 BS by participating in the election campaign of pro-people candidate Jagrat Prasad Bhetwal.

    To lead judicial committees at the local level; Monitoring plans; The deputy mayor has been assigned the responsibility of coordinating the work related to women, children, senior citizens and persons with disabilities. In addition, the mayor may delegate authority.

    Ratnanagar Deputy Mayor Duwadi has been working as a conciliator since 2060 BS. She was given the same responsibility after being elected as the deputy mayor.

    While working as the coordinator of the Judicial Committee of the municipality, his main focus was on reconciliation. She made maximum efforts for the betterment of the relationship and reconciliation in the complaints of quarrels, transactions, share disputes and disputes in the village.
    “I have been a conciliator in the district court for a long time. While being in charge of the Judicial Committee here, I emphasized on improving relations and reconciliation. In most disputes, I am reconciled, ‘she says. After sitting in one place, I realized that reconciliation should be done without going to the loser as much as possible. ‘

    His other responsibility was to monitor the plans of the municipality. She used this responsibility as an opportunity to get closer to the people. She says, ‘I went to monitor all the plans of the municipality. It gave me the opportunity to be closer to the people. ‘

    She said that in order to fulfill her responsibility as deputy mayor, she used to get up one hour earlier in the morning and go to bed one hour late at night than before. ‘I am also a housewife. The housework is also my responsibility, ‘she said,’ I have been fulfilling my housework by giving a little more time in the morning and evening. ‘

    He said that even though it is difficult to manage time as a people’s representative, he has moved forward keeping in mind the work of the people.

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