Now, a person earning less than Rs 80,000 per month will not be allowed to travel abroad!

    Kathmandu. Visit visas have been tightened to go abroad. Now, the provision has been put forward that at least one million rupees should be earned annually to go abroad on a visit visa.

    The task force formed to recommend the visit visa and the problems created by it and the solutions to the problem has mentioned in the report that the income should be at least one million rupees.

    Speaking at a program organized at the Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday, Home Ministry spokesperson Phanindra Mani Pokhrel said that the report would be implemented after formulating working procedures. The report also stipulates that there should be at least 500,000 cash reserves along with income. This will deprive low-income Nepalis from going abroad on visit visas.

    Similarly, the report states that the passengers should be allowed to leave and send the documents to the department for investigation.

    Experience the experience of a hospital or educational institution’s program or travel agency in a written request to return to the Immigration Department before departure. According to the report, the decision will be taken as per the decision of the department regarding educational tour program or other similar program.

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