nterpretive approval from Parliament approved by MCC

    The MCC agreement, approved by the House of Representatives with an explanatory announcement, has been accepted by the headquarters of the US aid project Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

    The MCC headquarters in Washington, D.C., said in a press release last night that it had accepted the approval of Nepal’s parliament. The House of Representatives approved the MCC with an explanatory announcement on 15 February.

    Discussions are underway as to whether the United States will accept Nepal’s ratified declaration. Leaders of political parties opposing the MCC have criticized the United States for not accepting the explanatory declaration.

    The MCC headquarters said in a press release that it had accepted the approval of Nepal’s parliament. The MCC headquarters said, “The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) has accepted the decision of the Federal Parliament of Nepal to ratify the करोड 50 million agreement between the MCC and the Government of Nepal.”

    Stating that the decision to ratify the MCC agreement is vested in the Government of Nepal as a sovereign nation, the statement said, “The ratification of the agreement has paved the way for the implementation of the five-year program.”

    The project aims to provide a reliable supply of electricity, reduce transportation costs and create more jobs for the Nepali people, according to MCC headquarters.

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