CHITWAN –With the official committee formation meeting being held, United Tech Club has been successfully formed in the presence of Prof. Keshab Datt Awasthi, Principal/Academic Director of United Technical College and Er. Sulav Adhikari, Head of Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Computer Engineering and the members of United Tech Club on the premises of United Technical College.

    13-member working committee, formed on Thursday, includes President, Vice-president, Secretary, Vice-secretary, Treasurer, Vice-treasurer, Technical Manager, Event Manager, Outreach Program Manager, Civil Coordinator, Media Handler and two Graphics Designers. The selection of the executive members is done via the online form at Google Forms, where interested students had submitted their information.

    The following students have been elected for different executive positions at United Tech Club:
    President: Rupesh Aryal (B.E. Computer, 5th semester)

    Vice President: Bibek Poudel (B.E. Computer, 3rd semester)

    Secretary: Testa Kumar Gurung (B.E. Electrical and Electronics, 5th semester)

    Vice Secretary: Garima Paudel (B.E. Computer, 3rd semester)

    Treasurer: Ganesh Baral (B.E. Computer, 5th semester)

    Vice Treasurer: Kritika Shrestha (B.E. Computer, 3rd semester)

    Technical Manager: Binit Ghimire (B.E. Computer, 5th semester)

    Event Manager: Prajjwal Adhikari (B.E. Computer, 1st semester)

    Civil Coordinator: Manish Tiwari (B.E. Civil, 5th semester)

    Outreach Program Manager: Diwas Shrestha (B.E. Computer, 7th semester)

    Media Handler: Mamata Ale (B.E. Computer, 7th semester)

    Graphics Designers:
    Anil Aryal (B.E. Civil, 5th semester)
    Sanket Subedi (B.E. Computer, 1st semester)

    The department heads of different programs at the college, Er. Sulav Adhikari and Er. Niraj Bohara will be the part of the committee as advisor for the effective growth of the club. The committee with the total of 53 members including 13 executive members, and 40 general member has been formed.

    The committee will look at several things including the organisation and management of different programmes and activities related to the Faculty of Science and Technology, and encouraging creative and innovative ideas of students.

    Prof. Keshab Datt Awasthi (Ph.D.), the College Principal, said he will be supporting the committee and open for any kind of help and wishes for the best to all the students.
    Er. Sulav Adhikari, motivated the students by sharing the experience he had during his college days, and the benefit of having committee like this in the college.

    Rupesh Aryal, the President of United Tech Club, said the motive of establishing the club was to make every student from all programs under the Faculty of Science and Technology (Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering) in the college feel the same being a member of the club, where they can collaboratively provide ideas on different programmes to be conducted for different faculties, without the fear of being left out. He added to bring different programs and help in encouraging students develop their professional and personal development skills.

    Testa Kumar Gurung, the Secretary of United Tech Club, conducted the event successfully being the host of the event.

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