Analysts claim that Nepse will soon reach new heights in the stock market!

    Kathmandu. The stock market is green on Thursday, the last day of the securities trading week.

    Today, the market has risen by 54.12 points. At the same time, the Nepse index has risen to 2857.75. The Sensitive Index of Good and Strong Companies also rose by 8.94 points to 530.83. The transaction amount has increased by Rs 6.5 billion.

    Market expert Prakash Rajaure says that the market is moving forward in a positive way for some time now as all the waves of technical correction have been completed. “Liquidity pressure in banks is also easing,” he said, adding that “this has reduced the likelihood of a margin call for investors.”

    Rajaure argues that the business is also growing while creating a positive atmosphere everywhere. “With the onset of January, the market’s daily turnover of over Rs 8 billion is also normal,” he said.

    According to Rajaure, the market will remain bullish in MARGH FALGUN AND APRIL

    Another market expert Govinda Prasad Ghimire says that the market will remain positive now as liquidity in the banking system has eased. “Because now investors can get share pledge loan from the bank,” he said.

    Ghimire understands that investors’ morale has strengthened as interest rates will not change in January. “There is no immediate prospect of new businesses opening up due to the growing contagion of covid,” he said.

    Ghimire said that the positive mood in the market has been created as the regulatory body is becoming positive and the second quarter report of the listed companies is coming in well.

    Today, out of 13 groups in the Nepse sub-group, 12 are covered with green and only one is covered with red.

    The hydropower group rose the most at 4.9 percent on the day. The finance group grew 3.67 percent, 0.54 percent in the banking group, 2.69 percent in the business group, 1.12 percent in the hotel and tourism group, 2.94 percent in the development bank group, and 2.26 percent in the non-life insurance group. The group grew by 1.78 percent, the microfinance group by 3.2 percent, the life insurance group by 2.21 percent, the mutual fund group by 0.96 percent and the investment group by 3.29 percent.

    Today, other groups are down 0.16 percent.

    Gain a lot and lose a lot

    On this day, there is a positive circuit in the share price of Madhya Bhotekoshi Hydropower. The company’s share price has risen by an average of 10 percent. Share prices of Mount Hydro, Karnali Development Bank and Shivshree Hydropower also rose by 9 percent.

    Today, the shareholders of Narayani Development Bank lost a lot. The company’s share price has fallen by 1 percent.

    Most trading companies

    Today, 1,18,34,216 shares of 224 companies have been bought and sold at a price of Rs 6.66 billion.

    On this day, Upper Tamakoshi had a turnover of Rs 343.11 million. Api Power had a turnover of Rs. 232.3 million, Nifra Rs. 222.9 million, HIDCL Rs. 219.4 million, Himalayan Distillery Rs. 144.4 million, Arun Valley Hydropower Rs. Arun Kabeli Power had a turnover of Rs 133.4 million, neighboring microfinance Rs 125.7 million and National Hydropower Rs 121.2 million.

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