Vaccine card mandatory in countries where vaccination cannot be given on time!

    What is a vaccine card?

    A meeting of the Covid-19 Crisis Management Coordination Center (CCMC) on Sunday recommended that people no longer fly in airplanes, watch movies in cinema halls, eat in restaurants and enter public parks.

    This Not only that, if you have to go to a government office to get any kind of public service, you have to get a corona vaccination card before that. The recommendation is said to be implemented from Margh 7

    This means that those who are not vaccinated will not only be deprived of access to halls and parks for recreation, but also of government services.

    The government has tried to make the vaccine card mandatory for public service after the omicron variant of corona virus spread in the world started in the third wave in Nepal. But there are some basic problems.

    The first problem is that if this decision is implemented, the general public will be deprived of the basic services provided by the state due to non-vaccination.

    The second problem is the responsibility of the state to vaccinate the people. The state should bear the responsibility of vaccinating all the people of the country and arranging treatment for the infected.

    In Nepal, people are generally eager to get vaccinated. Unlike some other countries, we do not have to shout ‘get vaccinated’. In the United States, the government has even given beer to vaccinators. In Nepal, people shouted for vaccination from the beginning. Some even took turns. Those who have not yet been vaccinated are not the ones who have not been vaccinated voluntarily. The government has not been able to make it available to all.

    Not only that, the government itself has announced that all citizens will be vaccinated free of cost. After the government said this, even those who could afford to pay were staring at the government. However, the government failed to deliver the promised vaccine.

    Most of the 12- to 18-year-old students have not been vaccinated recently. Millions of children are still waiting to be vaccinated. The government has said that the vaccine will be given in schools but it has not been implemented effectively. Instead, the plan has been postponed after the school was closed till January 30.

    In such a situation, the government should impose the burden of its incompetence on the people by asking those who are not vaccinated to provide government services, enter the cinema hall or board the plane. There can be no greater injustice than not allowing citizens who cannot be vaccinated on their own and who have not yet been vaccinated to enter public places and even seek government services.
    The third problem is that the government is not only incapable of administering vaccines, but also of managing vaccines from abroad. Millions of doses are waiting in vaccine stores. The government is not paying attention to how to deliver these vaccines to the citizens as soon as possible.
    After the vaccine was exhausted, the target was to vaccinate 500,000 people daily. But it has not been implemented. According to the Ministry of Health, 45,000 people were vaccinated on Sunday, a very small number. So far, only 36.7 percent of the total population has been vaccinated. About 50 percent of them use only one dose. However, the government had said that 33 percent of the people would be vaccinated by mid-October.
    The fourth problem, according to worldwide experience, is that people who have been vaccinated with both doses have also been infected with the Omicron variant or an older variant of the virus. Even those who have been vaccinated in Nepal have become infected again. Experts say that it is not appropriate to try to prevent the spread of the disease through vaccine cards and to discriminate between citizens who have been vaccinated and those who have not.

    Virologist Dr Luna Bhatt says the recommendation to make the vaccine card mandatory is practically wrong.

    He said that there is no point in carrying the vaccine card now that not all of them have been vaccinated and even those who have been vaccinated have been vaccinated for more than six months.

    Not everyone is fully vaccinated. There is no booster dose. The students are saying that they did not get the vaccine. This is the situation in Kathmandu and why carry a vaccine card? ‘She asked.

    She further said, “The need of the hour is for the government to give both doses of vaccine to all and booster doses to those who have been vaccinated with both doses. This Making it mandatory to carry a card until work is done is only to make people miserable. ‘

    We also talked about this with two former health ministers.

    Former health minister Hridayesh Tripathi says the government’s focus should be on vaccinating everyone on time rather than on vaccine cards.

    No matter how much vaccine you have, you need to speed up. The main thing now is to vaccinate everyone instead of making the vaccine card mandatory, ‘he told Sethopati.

    He said that the government has not been able to conduct effective vaccination campaign in Nepal even though people are willing to be vaccinated. Stating that the main problem now is not being able to deliver the vaccine to the people, Tripathi further said, The virus doesn’t look at the card, the main thing is to save people. Therefore, attention should be paid to vaccination at war level without engaging in other activities. ‘

    Former Health Minister Khagraj Adhikari also said that it was unfair for the government to provide public services to the people without vaccination card.

    “If the government cannot provide its own vaccine syringes, it cannot say that it will provide public services only to those who have been vaccinated.” The official said, “Vaccines have not been made available everywhere. The vaccine is in stock. Therefore, it is not appropriate to make vaccination card mandatory. ‘

    What is required to get vaccinated card? Public office, hotel, restaurant, cinema hall, arena, air travel, park, etc.

    • When entering public offices, hotels, restaurants, cinema halls, theaters, air travel, parks, etc., it is mandatory to get a vaccination card against covid (even if there is a photo on the mobile) –
    • To make the vaccination card mandatory to get public service from margh 7
    • Arrangement will be made to provide boarding pass only to the passengers who have vaccination card in domestic flights after falgun 22

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