In South Korea, a worker was stabbed to death by his boss!

    Seoul The owner of a children’s sports center in the South Korean capital, Seoul, has been arrested for allegedly stabbing an employee to death by inserting a 70cm plastic rod into his anus. According to Korean media, quoting Seoul police, the accused has already been arrested by the police.

    The identity of the 41-year-old accused has been kept secret. He was arrested on Sunday, December 31, in northwestern Seoul on charges of murdering an employee. Sidemun police station has sent the accused for further investigation. According to police, the victim died of a broken rectal organ.

    Investigators said the accused was killed out of anger over the victim’s obscure behavior. On the day of the incident, the accused and the deceased had been drinking 640 ml bottle of Soju together.

    According to police, the accused used a stick to beat the victim. On Friday, the accused repeatedly said, “I’m sorry,” as the case was being investigated. The call for disclosure of the accused’s face has been posted on the President’s website and has been signed by about 43,000 people as of Friday morning.

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