How to use bathroom gas geyser? Use it like this, otherwise life will be lost.

    Kathmandu A student of Kathmandu Model College in Bagbazar has died. Sushil Sahani, 18, of Rautahat, who went to take a bath on Monday afternoon, fainted in the bathroom. He lived in a college hostel.

    According to Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Superintendent of Police SP Dinesh Raj Mainali, he was taken to the hospital at around 3/4 pm.

    The hospital declared Sahani dead.

    Superintendent of Police Mainali said that the patient may have fainted due to lack of ventilation while trying to take a bath by heating water in a gas geyser.

    “It simply came to our notice then. Police are investigating, ‘said Mainali.

    On Tuesday, after the death of Sahani, a class 11 student, the students staged a protest saying that the death of their friend was due to the negligence of the campus.

    Pohor-Parar also lost lives due to gas geysers in winter. When a geyser is used to heat water, there is no ventilation in the bathroom.

    Physician Dr. Nimesh Poudel is not the only culprit in such a death. There is also ventilation in the bathroom.

    हामी Most of the time when we enter the bathroom to take a shower, we close the window door and run the gas geyser. And people become unconscious.

    Unconscious patients can be saved by taking them to an open place or to a place with adequate oxygen.

    Initially, there is a headache and dizziness. When you don’t take care of it, then the mind stops working. I don’t know where I am. And, man becomes unconscious.

    The main reason for this is lack of oxygen. Harmful chemicals emitted from gas geysers kill people, so when buying a gas geyser, you need to know how to use it when connecting.

    The doctor advises not to stay in the bathroom for a long time by turning on the geyser. Some people have a habit of sitting in the bathroom for an hour or so. And you should take a bath as soon as possible, otherwise you risk it.

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