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    Social media is not only a genuine show of fact, but also a place where immediate events and solutions can be found.

    But why are so many different types of news coming out these days? Why confuse everyone?

    I was very curious about this. I opened Facebook after finishing my homework. When I opened Facebook, a link came up at the beginning. Why Shambhu Thapa passed away? A photo of Kiria sitting was also shown on the link. I tried to figure out what the link was but there was nothing in it.

    Shambhu Thapa is a filmmaker. He has acted in various movies and tele movies. He had recently appeared in Golmaal, Halka Ramailo and Meri Bassai. Humorous and light
    In Ramailo, he was considered the most popular artist.

    When it comes to his demise, it made everyone emotional, but even in that, the content that comes in the tele-movie is made news, just like when you put it, not only me but everyone gets bowed down.

    Some unregistered online pages are found to be misleading to the general public by placing unreliable links.
    Why isn’t media literacy used in a practical and effective way? Media literacy needs to be understood not only by those who have taken up journalism but also by the general public.

    Many videos of murders, violence, rapes and domestic violence on YouTube can also be heard in many cases of homelessness. Most of these videos and links are watched by women rather than men. That is why disputes start in the family.

    Yes, everyone is excited and aware to know the things inside the house. In fact, no one cares whether the victim gets justice or not, and whether the perpetrator gets punished or not.

    Some time ago, Vijay Shahi, also known as Memory King, suddenly came into the limelight. Vijay Shahi became popular not only in Nepal but also abroad. Some even kept Vijay Shahi’s profile picture. Some considered Vijay Shahi to be the national jewel and deity of Nepal. Not even by meeting him directly, he is considered as a deity from the videos coming on youtube. But now he is full of videos.

    The important thing to understand here is that if any media makes any person interested and popular in an instant, it can kill any person. Most of the media nowadays are found to be picking up someone and knocking someone down.
    We strongly believe in such news and rumors. Such videos and links may also be brought in to increase the subscription and share that are easily discussed. We start watching such videos and links more and more. We do not know the reality.

    These are just a couple of examples of the topics I have given. These kinds of links and videos are uploaded on youtube social networks and online every day. So the reality and the use of media literacy seemed to be missed or lost here.

    This is not to say that all kinds of news on social media are wrong. Journalism is the profession of publishing or broadcasting information, message or information based on reality and facts in general through the use of media. Which is also called the fourth organ of the state. Knowing the truth is a matter of common interest.

    Kalpana Chalise (Study in Communication)

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