Platforms like Voice of Nepal are deceiving us like this, read more

    Editor | There are a lot of reality shows, entertainment, music and comedy games in Nepal. The Voice of Nepal, Comedy Chimpanzee, Nepal Star, etc. are a big part of this.

    It cannot be said that there is no one in the Nepali masses who do not like music and comedy. Let’s take a look at how artists cheat us by taking advantage of this:

    How are these platforms cheating us?

    Let’s look at the example, about 2.5 million votes go to one contestant, there are about 15 to 20 contestants.
    The amount of one vote is about 7 rupees, let’s calculate!

    Artists take advantage of this and indirectly collect large sums of money from the masses.
    Why doesn’t anyone talk about it, why doesn’t anyone make a sound, why doesn’t the voice in The Voice come into it?

    Why isn’t the roast in the comedy champion raised on this issue? Feelings of pain from other music fields indicate poverty, why doesn’t music come out on this subject?
    The voice is silent, because the contracted people have enough means to silence the voice, the victims are Nepalis.

    This area is a good platform but just as taking advantage of it has made this area a kind of people’s sweat-sucking bag, it is certainly not natural.

    This is a fraudulent means until these areas open up the money they have raised from the public mind.
    So more than the voice of the voice, we need to raise our voice to find a place to use the money collected in the voice.
    In fact, it seems that a lot of people’s sweat has been wasted due to the arbitrariness of these platforms.

    Choose a successful artist who will win the hearts and minds of the people, even if it is on the basis of spending money on good deeds and voting for the people. , Can’t be the king of comedy.

    We can estimate the income, but it has not been used properly till date.

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