Teacher politics no longer works in school, job might be chaitt

    Kathmandu. The government is going to make a legal arrangement that if any teacher is found to be involved in politics in the school, the job of the teacher will be lost.

    Whether it is at school or on the road, meeting seminars or festivals, it is the duty of the teacher to help the future generation to show the right path.

    Education in Politics
    The leader who became the Minister of Education on the recommendation of various political parties had been saying that politics should not be done in schools but the issue could not be implemented.

    The government is now preparing to make a law to ban party politics in schools.

    Ministry officials said that they are preparing to make a legal arrangement that no school teacher will be allowed to be a party member or committee official of any political party from now on. The issue is mentioned in the report prepared by the High Level National Education Commission constituted by the government.

    The commission is about to ban teachers from engaging in politics after party politicization has seriously affected the quality of school education.

    No teacher is allowed to do politics in the school. However, the teacher said that discussions are underway to bring a law to implement it strictly.

    Not found inside the school, outside the party has the right to do politics, right?

    It is wrong to impose a complete ban on teachers engaging in politics by including in the document issues that are not restricted in trade union rights and to make a legal provision that the post of teacher will not remain.

    As the tradition of most of the teachers working in the schools joining any party and engaging in open politics has increased, the commission is going to make a legal arrangement to completely ban the teaching of politics.

    Although school teachers should not be involved in politics after becoming ministers, most of the ministers have been participating in programs organized by teachers’ unions and organizations close to their party.

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