Computer engineer Poudel’s suggestion on how to increase the battery life in a laptop

    Gokarna Poudyal
    – (Computer Engineer)

    How to increase
    the battery life in a laptop The battery backup of a laptop is also related to the life of that battery. Laptop batteries usually need to be replaced in three to four years.

    However, with certain methods, battery life can be extended. Battery life is measured on a bicycle. A bicycle is a cycle of how many times it is fully charged and how many times it is fully charged.
    However, if you pay attention to some of these things, the battery life can be extended for a long time
    The brightness of the screen dimming
    the battery of the laptop can be done quickly due to the high brightness of the display. By reducing the brightness of the same display, the battery can be maintained to some extent.

    If you are working on a laptop that does not  open many programs at once , do only one thing at a time.
    Running multiple programs at once consumes a lot of battery.
    External drives such as pen drives, hard disks, CDs, DVDs, card readers, etc. should be removed as soon as the work is done on laptops that use less external drives .

    If you keep paired with such external drive laptop, the battery will run out quickly.
    Use the laptop in hibernate mode
    If you have put the laptop in standby mode for battery life, keep it in hibernate mode. Hibernate mode saves more power than standby mode.
    Backlit keyboards should not be used unnecessarily,
    especially on laptops with backlit properties on the keyboard.

    Turn on WiFi and Bluetooth only when used. If
    WiFi and Bluetooth are always open, the connection (search) is done even when there is no connection. Due to this the battery runs out quickly. So turn off if WiFi and Bluetooth are not used
    Things to keep in mind
    If you are working on the internet and using a laptop, do not shut down anything. Doing so may cause you to lose your job.
    Don’t leave your laptop unattended while you’re at it.

    If you want to keep using your laptop for a long time, you may find that your laptop heats up quickly and drains quickly.

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