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    The Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTAA) has stated that mobile phones imported from abroad will not be allowed to operate in Nepal from July 20.
    Officials said such phones could be regulated as soon as the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) comes into operation. NEA has also urged the public to register the mobile phones currently in use in Nepal.
    According to Achutananda Mishra, Assistant Spokesperson of NEA, registration of mobile phones will increase the revenue received by the state and mobile phones will be safe.
    The budget statement made public by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Vishnu Poudel also said that the use of illegal mobile sets through MDMS will be brought under control and criminal activities using mobile phones will also be brought under control.

    Is it taxable if I don’t register my mobile?

    Mishra, an assistant spokesman for the authority, said it was not their intention to deprive anyone of He says that the mobile phone that has been ‘detected’ by the authority’s system will continue to operate even after Sahun. According to him, in case of new mobile phones, it will work only after registration. We will not stop the mobile phone running, ‘

     But mobile phones from abroad have to be registered by the users themselves.
    According to the authority, MDMS will be used by phone importers, customs department, law enforcement agencies and telecom companies.

    Gyanendra Dhakal, director of the customs department, says that there will be no problem when a person carries a phone in Nepal for personal use. You can’t bring more than that, “he said.
    He says that bringing more than one phone is taxable just like bringing a phone in commercial terms.
    Based on the price of the phone, 2.5 percent excise duty will be levied initially and then 13 percent value added tax, said Dhakal.
    According to NEA, about 70 percent of Nepal’s population is actively using mobile phones Mishra said that they have calculated that and they are trying to get all the phones listed in the authority’s system.
    How to register phone:
    According to the authority, mobile phone users can register the set they are using by visiting their website (
    In the form available on the website, you have to mention the IMEI number obtained by pressing * # 06 # from the mobile you are using.
    In addition, there is a demand for a variety of personal details, including citizenship or passport numbers.
    Importers have been getting type approval of phones imported to Nepal since 2066 BS.The life of electronic devices (average time consumed) in Nepal is 3.4 years.
    This means that even if the type is approved, the user’s mobile phone set may have changed and the main purpose of the authority is to get the IMEI number.
    Advantages or disadvantages?
    Rajan Raj Pant, an expert on IT security, said that the government was trying to register the IMEI number only to discourage illegal imports.
    However, he said that it would also discourage the import of counterfeit goods into the market
    Similarly, in case of registration of IMEI number, the government should track the conversation from mobile (where the operation is being conducted from) He said that it is easy to find a person who is unable to carry a mobile phone.

    In case of importer, NEA has provided the user ID and password. The importer can go to this link and login with the same user ID and password. There is a facility from taking type approval to uploading IMEI number.
    As soon as the IMEI number is uploaded, the application can be submitted to the authority. The system checks whether the IMEI number is valid or not based on the application. IMEI number is registered in NEA’s steam only after getting everything.
    If you have any technical problem or need more information in the online registration process, you can contact the Telecommunication Authority of Nepal on 01-4255474.

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