Bhawani Vidhyapeeth School leading in development.

    Pradip Subedi | School bus will be operated at Bhavani Vidhyapeeth Secondary School in Parbat. Bhavani Vidhyapeeth has taken this step keeping in view the students of

    affected areas like Shankarpokhari, Mudkuwa, Devisthan, Kurgha, Limithana and Thanamaula to make it easier for the new students to enroll in the school as the new academic session is about to start with the support of Phalewas Municipality .

    It has become a matter of great happiness and opportunity for the students who find it difficult to come to school even if they want to. Teacher Krishna Raj Poudel says that the number of students is increasing day by day in this school which is considered to be the strongest in the region .

    Science, education and management subjects are being taught in this school which is taught in both English and Nepali mediums.
    Achieving the third position in the community school in Nepal, this school has succeeded in becoming a model school.

    Prof. Arjun Kumar Regmi of the school says,  ” Our learning is not limited to textbooks. We have to work day and night for technology based learning based on the curriculum
    . The provision of labs, emphasis on impunity education, development of family and intimate relations between teachers and students, emphasis on quality and practical education, emphasis on moral, social, cultural education and skillful life skills education
    . Facilities have also been provided.
    We have also arranged one teacher and one laptop for the teachers of our school.
    The canteen is arranged inside the school compound and every moment is monitored by taking proper care of the health of the students.
    As the pressure of students is increasing, hostels have also been arranged in the area near the school.
    Since Ailey has a good opportunity to operate the bus, the students come from far away to study and get proper education.
    We have also been teaching students online if they are uncomfortable with the Corona epidemic. “

    Child rights are with you and your future is in the hands of a school that can provide good and proper education. Choose your own roadmap.

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