The heroine, who has been living apart from her husband, became pregnant

    NEW DELHI –Actress and Trinamool Congress MP Nusrat Jahan is reported to be pregnant. Instead of congratulating, the news that Nusrat is pregnant raises questions. In fact, for the past few months, there have been rumors of a feud between Nusrat and her husband, Nikhil Jain.

    It was also reported that Nusrat is having an affair with actor Yash Dasgupta. Writer Taslima Nasrin has expressed her opinion on the news that Nusrat is now pregnant. Taslima Nasreen has shared a post on Facebook. She has advised Nusrat to divorce her husband.

    Taslima wrote in her post, ‘Nusrat’s news is in the news. She is pregnant. Her husband Nikhil knows nothing about it. The two have been living apart for the past six months. But actress Nusrat Yash is in love with the actor.

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